Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Wackiness

What did everyone do this weekend. It was a fun weekend here. Between running errands and taking the kids to dance class, we still squeezed in some family time. We played games and even went to the Science Museum for a field trip.
Dh and I played Monopoly jr. with Gabe. These two shots are of his victory dance. The kid beat us BAD. Donald Trump better watch out, we have the next real estate mogul. LOL. I love the bottom one. To funny.

With Sam we played ATM Action. It is a fun game to teach kids about money. The idea of the game is to build up the biggest bank account. You do this by going around the board trying to earn money, you can land on bills though. (electric, cable, water, etc.) . The poor kid did not land on one single spot to make money. By the end he was so far in the hole it was not even funny. He has asked to play again though, so that is good.
We bought this new toy for the boys this weekend. It is a puzzle castle game. We bought it here at target. As you can see from the picture the boys are absolutly loving it. I was so excited to get this shot of Sam, look how happy he is.
Our science museum has a mini golf course at it. It is really cute. The whole theme for it is the enviorment. I had to take some pictures of my cute golfers on it. This is the first time Gabe has really played with out our help. He did really good.
Sam got a little disappointed because he did not get a hole in one this time. Still an excellent score though.
Of course I can not forget my other favorite golfer :).

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Kate in NJ said...

What a nice weekend!
We took down the tree...cleaned up..baked..played Monopoly Jr.;-)