Sunday, January 18, 2009

Morikami Museum

Today we took the boys to the Morikami Museum. Talk about a beautiful place. I took so many pictures and all we did was go through the gardens. We never made it into the museum portion. The boys have asked to go back again. Sam thinks that he might want to go on his birthday. They liked it that much. Well I put up some of my pictures(O.k. alot of them) I do have more though so I will try and post them to the flickr account soon.
This was a little zen garden that was just outside the entrance. Very Peaceful.
I never get this close to little creatures before they run off. Look at this cutie. He played in the trees near us for a few minutes before running off.
This statue was a replica of the Ring of Wisdom.
One of the many neat gates around the Gardens.
We were trying to figure out what this was. Thought that it might of been something important. Turns out it was just a Trash can. It even had a water dispenser in the side for those hot days. They had a couple of them around and the boys loved seeing them. They thought that they were really neat looking.
This is the Contemplation Pavilion. A place to "listen with your eyes and see with your ears".
The flat garden. Gabe really wanted to run through here. Thankfully we were able to keep him out.
This was in the memorial gardens. I thought that tree below was really neat looking.
This is probably my favorite picture from today. It was at another gate. They were pretending that they were in jail. LOL. Lets hope that this is not a future for the little guy, he does look pretty comfortable behind the bars.

I love waterfalls. I think that they are so pretty so I was really pleased to see a couple of them there.
Of course you can not forget about the Bonsai trees. They had a a nice bunch there. These two are circa 1600's. Someone found them in the Florida Keys and transported them there. Really neat.

Here was the plaque that they had for the bottom bonsai tree.
This is Morikami Falls. A beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail.

I took these pictures for Sam. He loved that all of the signs had english and japanese writing.

This statue was right outside the gift shop. It was really neat.

After traveling to Japan the boys got really hungry. So we jumped over to Italy (Olive Garden) for some lunch. I love Gabe's way of eating a breadstick. It is pretty much the only time he uses a fork during meals. We are working on that. Sam was just happy to get some food in his belly, did not care how it got there.
I will let you know when I get the rest of the pictures up from Morikami. See you tomorrow.

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Looks delightful..your boys always
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