Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday already....but where did Monday go?

Monday got away from me before I had a chance to share our day with everyone. I am sure it was truely missed. LOL. Anyways here is some shots from Monday and today, hope that you enjoy them.
The boys worked on some lacing cards. I love this set that we got. They really work the eye hand cordination because the baby animals are different shapes, so you have to make sure they line up. The cards are really durable to ( I mean they have held up to Gabe for a long time. LOL)
You know I have a lot of people ask me how I can stay home all day with the kids. These two pictures show one of the many reasons why I can. Sometimes being with the kids all day I forget that they are just kids. Then they go and do something to remind me that they are and I can not help but smile. While Sam was sitting at the desk do his science he was very quite. Normal for him but all the sudden he ran from the room. He came back a couple of minutes later wearing these. Turns out the sun is really bright in the living room, even with the shades closed. So silly, but of course little brother had to be just like him. I can not help but smile when I see that love between the two of them. When I have that to look at, it definetly makes it easier to stay home with them......

A while back we bought this game for Gabe. He is to old for the one side. It has photos for the kids to count and match up. The back side he is at the right range for. It is basic adding. So for the other side I turned it into something for Sam. A new division Game. I covered all the pictures and wrote out some division problems for him. It worked great they had so much playing. I loved it because it cost nothing. :)
Well that was Monday. Now for Today. Gabe's sensory today was to play in his rice bin he loves it. In the first picture Gabe was pretending to be a duck. The next one he had gone and put a shirt on because he wanted to fill it up. Look at the size of his belly. He had so much rice in there. After he fills it he stands up and lets it all fall out.

For Math today they had a lot of fun. I made these menus and order forms up last night so they could have Restaurant math. They already asked for it again.
Somedays my days get a little overrun (completly my fault) so Sam helps out and teaches some of the subjects. Today he taught geography for the both of them. They made picture maps of Japan. I thought that they looked so cute checking out the rules for the project.
I played read and roll with Gabe for his english. Once again he beat me. I still have not won one time against him.
These are a couple of pictures of the boys playing restaurant math. Sam was the waiter. He was laughing because we were using silly names. Dh wanted to be called rumpelstilskin. Sam asked him if he could call him rumpy for short. He thought that was funny. Gabe was the cook. After I took this picture, He informed me that cameras were not allowed in the kitchen.
So sorry that ended the picture taking. See you tomorrow.


Kate in NJ said...

LOL, We did miss you!
Looks like more fun was had by all over your way.
I wish we lived closer!!

PisecoMom said...

As always, I LOVE to see your ideas and days full of fun. Totally going to steal the restaurant math idea, you know! :)