Friday, January 09, 2009

Playdough, Puzzles, and Cookies.....What a day!!!!

It was a really great day today. It started out making playdough with Gabe so he good do some sensory work. Then I found this wonderful idea in this book that I got from the library. It was coloring with playdough.
You just take any coloring book that you have and pull out some pictures. Then you stick the pictures inside a plastic bag. The kids then fill in the picture with playdough.

Of course you have so many other things to make with playdough. Like this Snowman Jazz. Gabe mounded up the playdough then removed his transformers head and stuck it on. Crazy child. LOL.
Math class for Gabe was to make this puzzle. Using those logic skills. He was having fun so his brother and I joined in to. Then for Sam's math he practiced fractions making cookies. Gabe helped out on this to because it was also their life skills lesson to practice baking.
I also thought that I would share one of the ways that I organize our week. This is a shot of my planner for just this week. It gets a little crazy but it gives me enough room to write out a list for each of the boys, then some notes on the bottom. So just a little peek in to my crazy mind! LOL
This is a short little video (45 seconds) about the boys play they put on today. I am having them put on a little skit each week to work on public speaking. It also covers their art and music because they design the set and costumes. This one is called "Poison Water". They had to pretend to be dying of thirst. The last person saves the one before him from drinking it. I think the video is so cute because they did the entire thing themselves. I only video taped it.


Kate in NJ said...

They are too cute!!
I had forgotten about that play doh
on coloring pics...I bet P has too.
;-) It is supposed to snow here tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some cookies made. Empty jar...:-(

reprehriestless warillever said...

Thank you for the peek into your planner. I really need to get more methodical about what we do.

The play-do coloring is great! We'll try that on Monday.