Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Legos and fruit kebobs--

Yesterday Sam spent the whole day putting together this. It was a huge accomplishment for him because he did it all by himself. Usually he is to intimidated by the project because it is large. He talks his dad into helping him. This time he did it all by himself though, and he was very proud. Great Job Sam!!!

My silly little boys they are always being creative. So this morning Sam came to me and showed me his Grape Kebob. He stuck them all on a straw. Well his brother thought that was wonderful and had to try it to. I just love the expresion on Gabe's face in the picture below.

Hope everyone is having a great halloween.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Science Time---
Tonight we took some time after bath to do a science project with the boys. I got this idea off from one of the PBS shows that they watch, I do not remember which one it was. Well the whole idea is to take dirty water and try to filter out as much of the dirt as possible. So to start of with they were really excited to do it.

Our supplies--

To start with we had to make the water dirty so DH went outside and got some dirt for the boys. Then we took to funnels and lined them with coffee filters. After that the boys got to pick out what type of filters they wanted to try. We supplied thm with Beach Sand, Pebbles, Sea Shells, Cotton Balls, and finally rice. We kept the test tubes near by so they could try different filters and compare. To me the best filter was (all though I would not drink it) the beach sand.
Gabe was so curious about what was going to happen. He kept checking out what was happening to his brothers.
He was extremly proud of his though to. "LOOK WHAT I DID!"
Sam was always hard at concentration. They both had such a good time.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Unplug your kids project---

As I read through the blogs this week I noticed that some people had done a really cool thing with their kids. They had done an unplug your kids project. It was a nature painting. Look Here. I unfortunetly missed my chance to do that project but I might try it this week. I had to join in on the fun for this week though. Pumpkin painting!!!! Thanks for the idea, the boys had so much fun.

Here is some shots of Gabe and Sam starting their pumpkin.

Each boy posed with theirs when they finished. I am very happyy with Gabes. He has never really put a lot into his painting and I thought that this would be the same. Thankfully he surprised me and it looks great to. It kind of looks like a lion to me. My Sam, what can I say, he is always creative. His is actually an alien. I think he did a great job though.

Here is a shot of the finished project once they got put outside. They had such a great time we can not wait to do the next project.
We got the picture of the greatest super heroes around. It is none other than officer Sam and Super boy Gabe. My cute little guys. What are all of your little aangels going to be for Halloween this year? I would love to know.
Here is a picture of some of the Bean bags that I made for the boys. These are made out of a bunch of old socks. I filled with some beans then sewed them shut. I tied off with a ribbon and painted on the smiley faces on them just for fun. I plan on using them in math class for the boys. There will be a target set up for the boys. Gabe will count up how much make it in and not in. Sam can practice his graphing because the bean bags will have some differences. Something simple and cheap for class that anyone can make.
Random Shots ----

I thought I would share a few shots from our last few days. It had been kind of rainy and yucky out. So the boys have done some creative play, Legos and grocery time were the most popular. They also snuggled up and watched a video. Of course lots of reading time.
Our Letter "B" cooking project. A yummy blueberry pie. Our next one, maybe a cherry pie. You will just have to check back in and see.
Outside the Nature Center---

These are a few of the beautiful shots that I got while we were out on the nature trail. I love the shot of the butterfly because I have never gotten that close to one with a camera before. Some of the flowers were beautiful and interesting looking. The top one that has the yellow and white I thought was so neat looking. I am sot sure what kind of flower it is, if anyone knows please tell me. My husband thinks it looks like corn so that is what he is calling it.
Inside the Nature Center---
We went to the Nature center again this weekend, This time I got to go. I have a bunch of pictures for all of you to look at. I love this nature center it has so much great things in it and it is FREE. A perfect family outing.

The first picture is in the fish tanks. I loved the colors on them. I am not a huge fan of Bugs but the one in the next picture is really cool. The boys wanted to show everyone just how big the Gator skull was by putting their heads next to it. They had lots of great other animals in the center to. They had a few different owls, which were so cute. Also some cute baby turtles and gators. The center also has lots of great interactive spots for the kids. They have magnifying stations with all sort of things to check out, snake skins to sand from beaches around the world. The picture of Sam walking on the foot prints is neat, he was learning how bees talk to each other through dance.

Book List 10----

We got to the Library yesterday and as you can see Elmo was just as excited to get the new books as we were. Gabe actually set him down to help return the books and this is how he stood. He looked like he was dancing.
150.) The Crystal Mountain retold by Ruth Sanderson
151.) King Midas by John Warren Stewig
152.) Rapunzel by the Grimm Brothers
153.) The Silly Chicken by Idries Shah
154.) Shy Mama's Halloween by Anne Broyles
157.) The Camel's Lament by Charles Carryl Edward
158.) I Lost My Tooth in Africa by Penda Diakte
159.) My America by Jan Spivey Gilchrist
160.) The Dragon Snatcher by M.P. Robertson
161.) Which Witch is Which? by Judi Barret
162.) If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen
163.) Peanut by Linus Alsenas
164.) At the Firehouse by Anne Rockwell
165.) Sam is Never Scared by Thierry Robberecht
166.) Super Sam by Lori Reis
This is our new list. I hope that everyone enjoys. I did want to mention a couple of the books, The Camel' s Lament and My America, are actually poems. They were turned into stories which are very good. The illustrations are amazing in them too. Also the last two books on the list are very cute for the younger group. Sam reads them to his brother and they think that it is the best. So I hope that everyone is enjoying our new list. Happy reading!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Boys....
My boys always are good for a laugh. When I was making my bed Sam came in and said "Mom, I am only seven and I already grew a beard." LOL. I hope that if he grows a real beard it does not look like this. Oh well.

Now for Gabe. Wow does that face say it all. Can anyone gues what was going on? Well we ordered pizza last night and it comes with a hot pepper. Starting to figure it out now? Yes he took a bite. Like I said my boys are always good for a laugh. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Things to share....

O.k these first photos are of some of our new goodies. First is Gabe's new computer toy, The Fisher-Price Easy link internet launch pad. I love this thing. We got it for Gabe because he has wanted to use the computer alot lately, he is just not ready to use it on his own yet. Every time he asked me to play on the computer I would be right in the middle of doing something(making supper, teaching his big brother) so I could not stop what I was doing. This toy is great because I can sign him on and it is very secure. It will keep him in areas that are safe for him. He can change the sites that he is on by moving the figures that come with it. There is lots of other great features. To many to list right now. The other picture is of My goodies that I got about Mexico. When we had finished Our U.S. Studies I heard alot of other people mentioning that they got information about the states by contacting the tourism bureau. I thought that was such a great idea that I thought I would contact other countries Tourism bureau's. Mexico sent me an e-mail the night that I sent them one. The e-mail had an attachment with all kinds of info in it so I thought that was it. Well it wasn't, About a week later I got all of the goodies shown below in the mail. The best part it was all for FREE.
Now this last picture was taken this morning. Gabe in the past has had alot of allergie like symptoms. In his short life he has spent alot of time at the doctors for them. Well we were back again this morning. Today they tried the nebulizer on him( that is what is going on in the picture, The mist was bothering his eyes that is why he has sunglasses on) It worked really well on him so they are recommending one for him to have at home.
Hope everyones day is going good!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well our weekend has been pretty busy with activities. So here is what we have done so far.
This is the boys geography class yesterday. Sammy was coloring in a map of Mexico for his class. Gabe was working on Landform cards with Daddy.

They opened the Farmers Market in West Palm Beach this weekend so we went over to check it out. The boys were waiting while daddy went to get the red peppers. The Farmers Market was nice we will definetly go back.
After we left the farmers market we went out to lunch. Then we did the wonderful trip to the library. Which I forgot to mention last week after the library, Gabe got his own library card. He is so proud. Of course this means alot more books at home for us. Well I went grocery shopping and Rob took the boys over to the Nature Center and trail. Here are some of the picture that they got on the trail. Those berries are a beautiful purple. The bottom makes it hard to believe that we live in the middle of a city. It so beautiful out on the trails.

This was this morning Rob was doing life skills class with the boys. He had them both helping with the dishes. It was very cute because they were singing while they were doing it.
Here us some of the play picture from this morning. Gabe was weaing his helmet to get ready for battle. He says that there is a dragon outside and he has to protect us, he is to sweet. I guess daddy believed him about the dragon. He was hiding under the desk. LOL. Just kidding, he did not believe but he was having fun playing along.

Math Class-- Gabe was having the number sheet. His brother picked numbers for him to find and Gabe and daddy danced their way there. Then for Sammy's math he got to play Monopoly with his Dad.

If the weather holds we might go and have burgers on the grill at the park. That will be a nice end to the weekend. Hope everyones weekend has been great.