Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to School Time...

Ok I know that I have been missing for a while, I hope that I can change that soon. We are starting back to school on Monday so thing should get back to a normal routine for us. Which means more time for blogging. I am trying to set at least one day a week for it so hopefully I can stick to it.
We decided to start a new tradition with the boys. We took the boys back to school shopping tonight. I mean they do not need the standard clothes and notebooks that public school kids get, so we decided to make it fun. To start with we took them to a school supply store and let them pick out a new educational toy. Sam picked out a board game to help with his grammer skills. Gabe picked out nmonkey spelling game (that is really great because all of the pieces are hooked to it so nothing gets lost. Then of course Dh and I each found things that we thought would be fun.
Of course we had to do the clothes thing. Well as homeschoolers if we want to stay in our PJ's all day we can (not that we do it, well sometimes we do :)) Overall the kids loved the idea of a new toy and pj's to start back to school time. What are some of your back to school traditions?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jumpstart Winner

We have a winner. Congratulations Amy Sue over at the Looney Lagoon. She and her three Great boys have won a 3-month subscription to

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ok I know that most of you saw over on Kate's blog that she got the chance to review, I got the chance too. How great is that. I love giving the kids the oppurtunity to learn through games. I mean who wants to learn using only worksheets, how boring! So when Cherie contacted me offering the chance to review this I thought great the boys are going think I am the best mother ever. hehehe.
Boy was I right the kids are loving the site. Even on our old laptop (which would make the game freeze because it was so old) the kids became infatuated with this game. They even knew that they were learning with it and still wanted to play. As a matter of fact they would say to me can we play, it is a learning game. I mean how can I say no. Well we solved the problem of the computer freezing and bought a new one. Now I am fighting to get time on the computer because the boys are loving it even more. I must admit that I am having fun on it too. There is so much to see and do. The site even has a parents section and a blog too. Check over on my side bar if you want to check out the blog.
Well with the new computer we are able to play games on our CD ROM. The boys have loved the site so much they asked if we could get the games that they have. I thought that this would be great because on the site it ranges from ages 3 to 10, this means that Sam would not be able to play with it much longer because he would not be challenged enough with it. So while out at BJs tonight we found a 4th to 6th grade advanced for him. He is so excited to have it.
All in All Jumpstart has once again had a hit in the learning department. They even amazed me with staff. Cherie worked really hard to get my membership set up for me. Unfortunetly there was something wrong so I could not get into the account at first . When I notified her of this she worked on it and got it fixed right away.
Our family has been really excited to have this oppurtunity to use the site. Jumpstart wants to give your family the chance to experience it too. If you want to get a three month membership leave me a message between now and Thursday. In the message tell me what is your favorite thing to learn with. Feel free to mention this on your blog and link back to give all of your friends a chance too.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A summer camp update

I would love to say that last week went so wonderfully that we accomplished everything. That would be telling a story though. We did have one day that went really though. It was a day about monkey's, so of course it was a good day.

I printed out some monkey mask for the boys to color. They loved doing this. Gabe is in the picture above and Sam is below.

Once they decorated the mask they played like monkeys. I got a video that I was thankfully at able to post. It is at the bottom.

Of course I have to add in another picture just because Gabe loves to give me a reason to use my camera. We bought this bucket for the boys to move toys back and forth from the living room to their bedroom. DH put wheels on it to make it easier to move. As you can see though Gabe had other ideas on what should be moved in it. He actually put his foot through the bottom. silly boy.

This weeks school has gone alot better. We seem to be getting everything done. This is one of the projects that the boys have done. They made an ocean play set for themselves.

I also wanted to share a picture of one of the boys new favorite things. This rug, the boys play on it everyday. They play school. How cute is that. I first saw it over here and knew that I had to have it for them. If you want it too check over here.

So that has been a little bit of what we have been doing. What has everyone else been doing with their summer?