Saturday, March 31, 2007

Potty Training!!!!!It has been a really long time coming but Gabe is finally on the right road to potty training. He has gone 2 weeks with no accidents during the day. We kept him in underwear last night and he woke up dry. He definetly loves being a big boy.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I have another book to tell about. If any one has young ones that are interested in Geography you should check out this book. It is called "Our 50 States A Family Adventure Across America" written by Lynne Cheney (Our vice presidents wife). It is filled with facts and famous people from each state. My son loves looking through it he says that he is exploring the states. Very cute.
Playtime for the boys....How many things can you do with a milk crate. Here the boys were playing that they were in jail. The cops put them away. HMMMM.....should I worry???? They are the bad guys not the cops. Guess not.



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our School Day.....

Sammy has been working on his Dinosaur studies for a couple of days now. He seems to be stuggling with it. Oh well we will keep working at it. Here he is at the board trying to unscramble some Dinosaur clues. He is smart he just needs to believe in himself more. In the picture he figured out how to spell "Quadruped". Now that is something to be proud of.
His little brother was working on spelling and reading today. Gabe had a blast putting together mini word puzzles. I have added a couple of pictures of him doing them. He was so proud that he put the word "Jelly" together without me he wanted to include a picture of that to.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I am not honestly sure were I saw this idea but I thought that it was a great one. What it is, you take lids from yogurts or butters and you make stencils out of them. So another wonderful way to use your recycled goods. I plan on making more of these for my children. I think that I am going to do letters next, maybe numbers.
My crazy idea!
With every thing I read about schooling they say that you should have a map of the world available to everyone. Well because of my youngest that made this hard. Any time you put a map in his reach he would tear it apart. So my solution (and yes my husband thinks I am crazy) was this shower curtain. He can not tear it at all and everyone has access to it. My oldest thinks that it is the greatest thing and the youngest is even getting in on it. He is pointing to places on the map and saying he wants to go there.

Some of the ladies in the online group like to share book ideas that they use so I thought that I would take the time and share some of mine. These are some of the books that I will be using over the next few weeks.

  1. Crafts for Easter by Kathy Ross
  2. Map Mania by Michael A. DiSpezio
  3. Puppet Mania by John Kennedy (this is the guy that designed puppets for Jim Henson)
  4. The Complete Book of Arts and Crafts by American Education Publishing
  5. Experiments in Science What is it Made of? by David Glover
  6. My Book of Easy Crafts by Kumon

These are just a few of the books that I like for now I will try and post more soon.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sammy was very excited to do school the other day because I let him go outside to do his reading. It was such a beautiful day I could not keep him in. The advantages of homeschooling that is for sure. He started out sitting in his chair but I did not think that was to comfortable looking. So then he took his crash pad out and really got comfy.

I have been behind on posting lately. This is a few shots from our art project last week. The first one is of the the tools we used for it. I just took toilet paper rolls and glued yarn in different patterns on them. The kids then rolled them on paint and into the paper. The second picture is of Gabe and his creation. Then the last one is of Sammy and his creation.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The boys did an art project of tin foil. They loved the project. The project started out by covering card board with tin foil. Then they glued yarn into different shapes. once the glued dried they painted inside the shapes all different colors.

The first picture of Gabe is him working and the last one is finished product and as you see he had more fun painting himself.

This one above is of Sammy after he designed his shapes. The one on the bottom is of it taking shape. He had so much fun painting it he asked to do it again.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Our Boats!!!
The online homeschool group that I am apart of thought it would be fun to see how everyone made boats. You could use anything from around the house. So here are some pictures of ours. The first one is of all three of my guys. The little ones were making theirs and Daddy thought that they were having fun, so he decided to come up with one of his own. He gave a good try but the boys actually stayed together better than his did, He is a very good sport about it all.

Sammy actually made two different boats to see what would work better. He said his favorite part was making the fising pole for it. (after all what boat is complete without there very own fishing pole) Well we took the boys down to the pool before bed so they could try them out. So below is a picture of sammy setting his for a sail.

And now here is Gabe's boat. He had a wonderful time with the whole project but he much rather swim in the pool. Which is what he ended up doing, crazy kid.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Painting Time!!!
I let the boys have some painting time today. They had so much fun driving the cars all through the paint.

This is my little man Gabe. For you ladies that are reading this and in the online group, I promise it is real paint, nothing else on his face. This time his big brother convinced him to paint his own face. Here is Sammy so innocent painting away, he swears he never told his brother to paint his eye. (even though I heard him tell him) Oh well no harm done. Gabe actually got to finish off painting time with his favorite thing, a BATH. LOL
Here was their finished master piece.