Friday, November 05, 2010

Ted the Turkey....

O.k so I do not do much decorating for Thanksgiving.  Basically all I have is some decorative pumpkins in the window.  Well I wanted something for the door.  I saw Ted here at Joanns one day (half off, woohoo, only 2.50) so he came home with us.  He was unfinished so I painted him up.  Then I put a coat of outdoor Mod Podge on him incase of rain, I did not want him to wash off.
I think that he came out really cute.  I love the how bold the colors on his tail look. 

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I hope that everyone had a great halloween.  We had a really nice one here.  We meet up with our friends and trick or treated with them.  It was alot of fun because their son is younger and just starting to learn what it means to knock on the doors and get a treat.  He had a good time with that. :0)  As for our place we left out candy, unfortunetly we did not get many trick or treaters.  LOTS of candy left over. 
See this is what we had leftover plus what the boys got for trick or treating.  It is a 4ft table so I could not even get the ends in, there was alot of candy.  I did god narrowing it down though. (at least I think so :))  After throwing things out and freezing some, this is what I got it down to.  And after a week or two, what is left will probably get tossed.
Now on to the costumes... we actually made two for each of the boys this year.  As most of you know the boys take dance classes.  Well they were allowed to wear costumes in this week as long as it did not bother there ability to dance.  So the boys went as ballerinas since there actual costumes would be a problem to dance in.  I made them each a tutu (in their favorite colors of course).  Please no laughing at the tutus, not a whole lot of experience making them since I have Boys. LOL.

Look at those cute little tushies.  I love the big bows on them.  (yup so saving these for when they have girlfriends, what are moms for LOL).  I just love the picture below of them together. 
Now on to the actual costumes.  I made Gabes costume this year.  He was King Arthur this year.  This year I wanted to let them have more say in the costumes so they got to pick out the fabric and colors that every thing was going to be.

Isn't he a fearsome ruler. :0)  His cape is reversable so he can pretend to be something else if he wants.  When he has the stars on the outside he is SUPER MONKEY KING.  That is my boy, LOL.  His chest plate is actually a slip cover over a superman chest plate.  (all about the multiple uses)  I did not want to get him one of the plastic sword from the store, because honestly I thought he would hit with it.  King  Arthur needs a sword though, so I made him one that is stuffed (so it does not hurt if hit with).  Then of course he has to have a shield to protect himself with.  We just cut a shape out of foam board and painted it up, very easy to do.  Then of course we topped it off with a crown.

Sam's turn... since Gabe was King Arthur Sam of course was Merlin..  Rob made Sam's costume for him, and he did a great job on it.  To start with he needed a staff so he took a wooden dowel and attached a stryofoam egg shape to the top.  Then he spray painted the whole thing gold.  Once that dried he attached little gems around the sphere and topped it of with a big blue gem on top.  Then he made the cape with a hood.  Sam got a lot of compliments on this because of the cool sparkly material on the inside.  Then the final piece was the Merlin mask.  We found it at Joanns for half off. 

The boys of course had to do some role playing in the costumes of course.  :0)

Of course we could not forget our little buddy, I mean ducky that we went trick or treating with.  How cute is he!
Look at his cute little ducky feet .  He was so cute chasing after the boys.  The little duck tail wagging away.

Here is the trick or treaters (plus the ducks mom, :0)) ready for some fun.

Even though we had a great time, I am glad halloween is over.  Now that the holiday season is underway, there is so much that I need to get done.  So over the next few weeks I will be in and out.  I will try and post some projects as I get them done.