Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Thank goodness it was only blogger....

I posted a couple of hours ago and said that I could not post any photos. What ever the situation was it got fixed. So here are the pictures from today.
We recently moved Sam's desk out of our room and into his. He is loving it in there. Today he worked on short story writing for english. I can not get over how old he looks in this picture. He is just growing up way to fast.
The boys each worked on Japans timeline. The picture above is a small portion of the one that Sam is doing. Gabe though needs to learn more about timelines in general. For him I wrote a couple of the events out with year it happened on it. Once he mastered putting them in order he reall wanted to put them in a circle. He is such a cutie.
For Life skills the boys had to do their laundry today. Sam usually takes control of doing the laundry but he was busy with his other work. So I decided that it was time to teach Gabe how to get it going. He did pretty well at it, except for the pouring of laundry detergent all over my hands, LOL.
Gabe worked on his story readers with me. I love this picture. While he was reading to me I made a video of him reading. I played it back after he finished and he was so happy seeing himself. I mean look at that smile.
There was another game of Puffin Stuff. This is a fun sensory activity for oral issues. You put all of the different items in front of him and he has to try and move it with only the use of a straw.
For art class the kids made these adorable origami cups. They can not wait to try them out. LOL. So that is finally all of our day. I hope that you enjoyed it.


Kate in NJ said...

What a nice day! Sam looks so old in that photo at his desk, and Gabe watching himself on tv is just too cute!!

reprehriestless warillever said...

It amazes me the kinds of things that you do with your boys (and the things that they do on their own). Gabe's progress in particular is truly incredible.