Thursday, January 08, 2009

A little of what we did plus a book list......

Sam was trying learn about Pronouns. I made this file folder game for him called Pizza Nut. Unfortunetly there was a miss print and it did work out well. Sam got a great idea to check out He found a great game to work on it. See here. I just love it when he figures things out like that. It is so nice to see his self esteem rise.
For Gabe's math class he made some supper. He was so excited because he got to crack eggs for the first time. It quickly became his favorite part of the day. While he was making it he had to stir the eggs with milk. He informed me that this was how we made Egg Nog. Funny kid because as soon as he finished saying that he said it was almost ready to be cheese. We were not making either. He cracks me up.
For Geography Sam and I played our Planet Earth Geography Game that we made. It was amazing I actually won. Sam is so strong in geography it hard to beat him at this subject.
I shared the musical instruments that the boys got yesterday with you. I thought you might like to see what quickly became their favorite one. The Gong. Surprised!!! They are so funny. Every time they finish something they ring it. It cracks me up.
I saw a little bit of this book cover sticking out of the shelf at the library. I knew right away that I had to get it for my boys. They dream of being able to do what this boy does. I thought that this was a really cute story. In ways it reminded me of the movie Night at the Museum. Really a cute story.
Of course any storybook that has a dance theme to it gets the boys attention (they are really loving dance class) This one sold me for being Laura Numeroff, I love her books. Of course she did not fail here. This story is about a little girl that loves to dance an takes a dance class. It is rough in the first few classes, none of the girls are getting along. That is until she finds a special way to get them all working together.
No More Kissing by Emma Chichester Clark
A book with monkey's is always perfect for this family. After all we have our own little monkey (Gabe). He also is very pickey about his kisses. You are only allowed to give kisses on his cheek except for special occasions. Alot like this story.

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Kate in NJ said...

I'll be looking for those tonight at the library.
P rec'd her package yesterday, she insisted we play right after dinner.
LOVES it!! Thank you so much.
((BIG HUGS))Of course, seeing the address, she says to DH, "Daddy, we need to go to Florida this weekend to visit my friends..we haven't seen them in so-o-o long!" LOL! I still can't convince her that we have never met in real life! ;-)