Tuesday, November 08, 2011


The boys are doing a study on Colonial America.  One of the lessons recently was to write a dialogue pretending that they were a colonist needing help from the Native Americans.  They had to thank Pochantos for the help that she gave to them.  The video is a copy of what they came up with.  Sam Designed the costumes too.  Sam plays the colonist and Gabe is Pocahontas.  It is a really short video but super cute.  Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, November 07, 2011


Yesterday was the last day that my father in law was here.  We decided to take him to the Morikami Museum and Gardens.  It is so beautiful there.  It was a great way to end his trip.  It was such a beautiful day to walk around the Gardens.  I thought that I would share some of the pictures from our day.  Keep in mind this is a heavy photo entry (but it is not all of my photos from the day).  On with the pictures.

These two shots are from the entry way.  We had not even got inside yet.  You can just tell this place is going to be stunning.  (Sam heard me saying the word stunning while we were there.  He was like "I love that word.  Hehe sometimes it is so easy to make a kid happy.  Alright enough of my sidetrack back to the pictures)

This was one of the first bridges that we came to and the boys posed with Grandpa on it.
Very cool statue there.  Rob asked if anyone wanted to play basketball.  Sam knew right away what he ment and told him that was the mayans that played basketball that way.  That is our little encyclopedia boy  (That is what Gabe calls him, LOL)
A really cool tree that the boys thought looked like a bunch of dinner plates.
All of the guys in front of the lake, (Three Generations)
A really cool spot out in the lake.  I could picture relaxing up under those trees and reading a good book.  What a wonderful way to spend a day don't you think?
This was a photo that Sam took of the museum on the other side of the lake.  He loves taking photos in black and white.  I think that he did such a wonderful job on this picture.

Another one of the many cool bridges around. 
My cutie pies.  Love them so much.
LOL  this kid never fails to please.  I asked him if he would do a silly pose under the gate so that I could take a picture.  He certianly did deliver on that. 
Posing by one of the rock gardens. 
Rob took this photo.  I love the purple of the flowers.  I also think that he did a great job on the photo too.
Another rock garden.
I just love this bridge shot.  It looks like it could be a postcard. 

There was turtles all over the place, Sunning themselves on the rocks.
I love waterfalls.  This little area was filled with some of the biggest Koi fish that I have ever seen.
When we made it around to the other side of the lake the kids went into the museum.  It was a very cute little children's musuem.  This is a replica of how some seats looked on the bullet train.  Gabe says that the seats are very comfy!
Then they got to experience what it was like to sit in  a Japanese classroom.  LOL Sam is always happy to have a chance to learn. 
Checking out what it would be like to sit at a Japanese table.
Exploring the cupboards in the kitchen with Grandpa.
Standing outside the museum.  The museum itself was set up like an actual Japense home.
Another stunning bridge. This time I was not the only one that thought so.  Look who else did.
Sam did.  He wanted me to take his picture on it.  I definetly did because unfortunaly he is getting to the point in life that he really does not want his picture taken.  I jump at all the chances that he does ask for them. 
It was a really great time.  The kids got a new book at the gift shop called All About Japan.  They were so excited to read on the way home.  It really is an excellent book.  If you are ever looking for a good one about Japan I recommend it.  I hope that you enjoyed all of the photos.  Until next time have a great one.

Sunday, November 06, 2011


A spur of the moment field trip for the kids this weekend to the Loggerhead center. 
The boys love going here because of all the wonderful help that they give to the sea turtles.  They also love the little nature center in the front.
This skeleton of the sea turtle was so large the picture does not actually do it justice.  Lets just say that you most likely will not find one this size on a beach any time soon.

Cool Fish tanks all around.

Checking out some really neat fish with grandpa.
Just being my little Dude.  Love that little face.
The boys posing as a mermaid and a scuba diver.  Each boy had a turn in the different characters.

Here are some of the turtles that are being nursed back to health.

I love this shot with the bubbles.
Gabe could have stayed there all day watching the turtles.  He loves them so much.
I love this shot of the boys.  Gabe was posing and Sam snuck up behind him.  Ohh how much I love these boys. 
Sam ended of the trip with another pose.  This time he was measuring the sea turtle.  He liked that much better than the mermaid one.  LOL.  Check back tomorrow I will have pictures from the Morikami.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Time out..

Life always gets so busy that you tend to do all your work and have no fun.  Well then you have a family member or friend come and visit, which cause a change in the everyday life.  One good change is that you slow down in a way and actually see some of the great things going on around you.  Right now my father in law is visiting and we got out for some time yesterday and it was great.
It was a picture perfect day out and my husband called and asked if we wanted to go play some
Mini Golf!!!
So we surprised the boys.  As you can see the little one got a bit excited.  He has been before but it has been awhile.  This was kind of like a first time for him.
He posed with the cute little statue in the lobby.  He was actually trying to give it bunny ears but I snapped the picture before he could get the fingers right.
First up to play was Gabe.
Followed by big brother Sam.
Then Grandpa
And the Daddy got his shot in.  I did not play.  I like mini golf and think it is alot of fun.  But my husband knows me well enough and asked if would like just to take pictures.  Yea alot more fun in my opinion and no pressure to play and take pictures at the same time.
As you can see his excitment carried on. 
Gabe came running over to me a one point saying mom did you see that shot.  It was like twelve inches from the whole.  He is just to funny.  His ball is in the picture.  It is a light blue one to the right of the flag.

Watching for his ball to come out of the tunnel.  He loved that part.
This was the first water hazard.  They were both pretty sad that they did not get it in the water.   Boys what can I say. :0)
However the next hole gave ample oppurtunity to hit it in the water.  Gabe only hit in once.  Sam though.
hit it once,
and again.  He must have hit the ball in the water at least 4 times.  Too funny.

The course was really pretty.  They had these really pretty carvings in the path.

Gorgeous flowers all over the place.

Really pretty statues all around.

This is looking down the course at one point of the game.  The bridge is actually part of the 18th hole.
My silly boy, contemplating mini golf.  LOL.
The model one :0) posing. 
It was a really great day.  They had so much fun and can not wait to go back again soon.