Thursday, January 22, 2009

Book List ....A Zoo Edition

I have a special edition of books for you this week. Gabe is working on community workers and choose to start with zoo keepers. I got a bunch all about zookeepers for him. I also picked up a few story books that I thought that I would share with you. If Anything Ever Goes Wrong At The Zoo by Mary Jean Hendrick

Little Leslie loves going to the zoo every week with her mom. She really wants to have an animal of her own to take home. So everyweek she invites a different animal to come home. The reply is always that the animal needs something special to live a good life. So she tells them that she has that so if anything ever goes wrong at the zoo they can come to her house. Well one day something does go wrong and see what happens.

Animal Strike at the Zoo, It's True! by Karma Wilson

I thought that this book was really sweet. All of the animals feel like they overworked and underappreciated that the go on strike. The zookeeper gives into some of the demands but the animals stay on strike. Then one day a little girl arrives at the zoo for a visit. She becomes very sad when she sees that all the animals are just sitting around doing nothing. Pick it up and see what the animals do when they see the little girl crying. Do Kangaroo's Were Seat Belts? by Jane Kurtz
This has become a fast favorite in our house. Gabe request us to read it everynight. Then when we finish he ask Sam to read it in their room. The story is about a little boy that is so curious how different things would work if he was different animals. His mom is so patient about all of the questions. The way that she answers them teaches the kids different things about the animals. A very sweet and inormative book! A Children's Zoo by Tana Hoban
A wonderful picture book for little kids. It gives simple little descriptions of each animal with big pictures of each of them. Wild About Books by Judy Sierra
A silly librarian makes a mistake by parking the book mobile in the zoo. She starts reading aloud and the animals come running. The animals soon become very interested in what she is reading. They all want to start reading their own books. This when all of the fun really starts. Check it out you will really enjoy it.

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Kate in NJ said...

They might also enjoy Tina and the Penguin..a penguin follows a little girl home from the zoo.