Sunday, June 21, 2009

Playing with pictures

ok I know that I am probably way behind on this but I just discovered photobucket. It is so much fun. I wanted to share one of my beautiful creations with you.



Saturday, June 20, 2009

A little adventure with our library......

When we signed the boys up for the summer reading program, we got a nice little surprise. They partnered with some of the local museums to give out free passes. Each branch of the library has a certian number of passes so it is first come first serve. The cool thing is that we can get a new pass each time we go in. So here is to a really fun summer.

Before heading off to our first place we took the boys out to lunch. Trying to stay occupied during the meal they decided to each thumb wrestle their dad, at the same time. It was quite funny. The boys were actually playing against each other at the same time too. Oh my crazy kids. LOL. Then off to our first pass, The Schoolhouse Children's Museum. A very cool place, it was built back in 1913.

When you first walked in you were greeted by Neil Armstrong. The boys thought that was wonderful.

Our first stop was in Water World. It was one of the favorite places for the boys. Sam loved pretending that he was driving the boat. Gabe loved running through the Mangrove, because he could come out the slide at the end.
"Trapped in the Mangroves" LOL

Sam hanging out high above the mangroves.

Then we went over to the mainstreet. The boys got to pretend that they were doctors and so much more. Sam loved playing in the post office.

They got to fill up their car with gas at the market.

Gabe loved playing the store clerk.

This train was really neat, all of my boys loved playing on it. You could ring the bell on the outside. Then on the inside the kids were able to pretend that they were really driving (with seats for the parent to relax)

Then there was the whole farm that they could play with. As you see Sam was not to impressed that I got a picture of him on the cow. LOL

This was a fun thing. Gabe was actually explaining to one of the ladies that he was to big for it, he was showing how high his knees went. LOL.

The boys loved water world so much that we had to go back there. That poor gator did not stand a chance against my boys. :)

They had a light house there that if you knocked on the door this guy popped out telling the history of the Jupiter lighthouse.

Outside there was a really neat playground. We wanted to let them play longer on it but unfotunetly a thunderstorm started coming in.
We defenitly want to head back to this place, loads of fun.
Check out some of the other places that we may make it to this summer
So do you want to share in our adventures with us? :0)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Camp Schooling

Lately I have felt burnt out with every thing going on around here. I thought the boys and I could use some fun. The way that I thought I we could do that was through schooling. I decided to do summer camp schooling. Basically we would do lots of art projects and read books. Hopefully that would get the boys into wanting to learn more in that area of study. I am going to do this for five weeks then get back to regular schooling. We are going to have a theme for each week.
Our first week (starting monday) is going to be jungle. I thought I would share some of my ideas and books.
The projects that I came up with is:
  • Make a treasure map, then of course have a treasure hunt based on the map. (boys create an obstacle course)
  • Make a monkey mask then dance around like monkey's (well when you have a monkey(Gabe) you need lots of monkey projects.)
  • Make a jungle diorama and a mobile
  • The boys love trivia games so I am going to make one based on facts of animals in the jungle.

Then I figure I might through in a couple of movies

  • Curious George
  • Tarzan II
  • Jungle Book II

Of course I can not leave out a book list for the week:

I know that hippos are not in the jungle but when I did a search for jungle books on the library site, I got this book. Hippos goes Bananas! I could not resist, it looked so cute.
We also have Edward in the Jungle for our study of the Jungle. In the book the little boy dreams of being with Tarzan and what child does dream the same dream.
Of course we would not be complete with out a story book about a monkey. I mean of course we will read Curious George a few times, but our library choice was Little Monkey Lost by Keith DuQuette.
Of course I research book is always a must for my boys. For the jungle theme research I choose a popular one in our house Eyewitness Books Jungle.

I am going to try my best to come back as much as possible to show you the things that we do over the week. Until then our other themes are (picked by the boys) Ocean, farm, robots, and Medievel Times. If have any ideas, book selections, etc... I would love to hear about them. I am totally stuck on ideas.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

T-Shirts for the boys

Hello there. This his Heather's husband, Rob. I made t-shirts for the boys. I used the same technique as the onsies posted on February 19th. The first t-shirt was for Sam. He asked for a camel. This was one of the hardest I have done, because of using a dark colored shirt. I tried painting the orange on but the blue kept showing through. I ended up pouring the paint in and trying to flattening it with a knife. I thought it came out pretty good. Sam likes it, which is what is important.

Next is the T-shirt for Gabe. He didn't know I was making this. I used a yellow t-shirt and painted on the the autobot symbol to represent the Transformer Bumblebee. I think this came out great and Gabe absolutely loves it. I don't think he wants to take it off.

Hope you enjoyed.

A little bit of art....

Look Look a blog entry, surprising? LOL. Well I am trying to get better I promise (I think that Kate might kick my but if I do not LOL). Ok so now on to the actual post. I am always on the look out for a fun art project boys to do. Something for them to just let loose and create. The other day I was watching an old episode of John and Kate plus 8. (I know, I just can not help myself sometimes) In the the episode Kate had taken the younger kids to an art studio to make paintings. It looked so fun I had to try it with the boys.

To start off I gave them a canvas. Armed with paint brushes the set out with two very different styles.

Once they got the canvas's painted they covered certain sections (their choice) with tin foil. Then I gave them a new item to use as a paint brush. We used knoted rags, coffee filters, sponges, and of course Gabe's favorite Hands.
Before each new style of painter, the boys would lay down some more pieces of tin foil. Once it was all done we peeled up all of the tin foil to show the different layers. The boys had a good time with it. By the end Sam even started to let loose and paint along with the music. It was great, a lot of fun.
Gabe's Creation
Sam's Creation
Now what art have you created lately?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The newest.....

Way to go Sam! We are so proud of you!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dance Mania

Ok I spent most of the day (and yesterday) trying to upload videos from rehersal. Well I finally gave up and went over to youtube. Then I could not figure out how to transfer them here. So I settled for links if you want to look at them just click below. I will not tell you what dances they are. I will just surprise you, just know all three of my guys have videos. Here are a few pictures for you to.
This is my boys with their awards for finishing another year. If you are wondering why Sams is smaller it is just because he is a first year. Gabe is on his second year.