Sunday, January 18, 2009

Animal Facts

With these new animals it brings me up to 340 facts. Well we are getting there. As long as I can post on time I should be able to make it to the 1000 facts.

1.) When Tasmanian Devils are stressed they release a foul odor but not when they are calmed and relaxed.

2.) Tasmanian Devils will eat anything no matter how old or rotten.

3.) Because of their powerful teeth and jaws a Tasmanian Devil can eat most of a carcass including the bones.

4.) Tasmanian Devils give birth to about 50 babies the size of rice. Then they have to climb 3 inches into the mothers pouch. Once there only 4 can survive.

5.) The Tasmanian Devil can walk for 16km.

6.) They have bad eye sight and walk rather clumsily.

7.) A Tasmanian mouth opens very wide to express fear and uncertainty.

8.) A Tasmanian devil uses a sharp sneeze to challenge other devils, especially before a fight.

9.) The Tasmanian Devil’s pouch opens backward so dirt does not enter while it is digging.

10.) The Tasmanian Devil got its name from early settlers who thought its vicious screaming and fierce looks were like that of a devil. 1.) A group of Rhinos are called a crash.

2.) A black rhino can run up to 40 miles per hour.

3.) Did you know that the black rhino is actually grey? They sometimes look darker when they have been wallowing in mud.

4.) Black rhinos need to drink fresh water every day, and spend a lot of time wallowing in waterholes to help keep themselves cool. The mud sticks to their skin, and acts as protection from the sun's baking heat.

5.) The black rhino is also known as the hook-lipped rhinoceros, as their upper lip sticks out beyond their lower one. They are herbivores, and use their pointed top lip to browse on leaves, buds, shoots and twigs.

6.) White rhinos have a hump of muscle on their necks and shoulders to hold up a head that can weigh 800 to 1,000 pounds.

7.) Rhinos may look indestructible, but their skin is actually quite sensitive, especially to sunburn and biting insects. That's why they like to wallow in mud.

8.) Rhinos have poor eyesight, but acute senses of hearing and smell.

9.) A rhinoceros can sleep either standing or lying down.

10.) A black rhinoceros has a pointed upper lip whereas the white rhinoceros has a squared lip. This difference has to do with their diets.

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