Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lesson Plans....

I have been kind of hit and miss around here over the last few weeks. I hope to fix that and be here more often, that is if you all still want me. *smile* Well I actually have been trying to redo our school set up, because after the first month it was just not working right for us. Figured we better fix it now. I have now made a more detailed lesson plan for us to work with (ok dh helped to, after all he teaches science). Thought that we would share it here for a couple of reasons. First here in Florida we have to keep a daily log of all we do. So what better place to keep it than here. Then also it is a nice way to keep us accountable. It is now out there for the whole world to see, so we should make sure and accomplish it. At the end of each week I will make sure to share if we did reach it or not. Pictures included, I mean after all we need proof right. LOL.
Edited to add- Mrs. Darling left a comment asking what age range the boys are. Sorry I forgot to add that. :) Sam is 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. Gabe is 5 years old and in Kindergarten.
Week of Sept. 8 thru Sept. 14
Monday, September 8th--
Geography- I printed off a map of China from here. He needs to color and assemble it today.
Math- He needs to keep strengthing his Addition and Subtraction skills so we will play beach ball math. I will include a picture this week to explain it better.
Life Skills- He will transfer rice from one bowl to another. (This activity Strengthens wrist muscles and can improve writing)
Art And Music - A chinese writing activity. I found it in this book.
English- Blog Entry (Book review)
Science- Classifying Animals

Life Skills- Transfer nuts. These are a little bigger than rice so he can handle them better.
Art And Music- to practice some basic symbols of chinese characters.
Sensory- Bath. To just let him play in the tub calms him so much.
Math- Watch Math Circus and solve the problems with our own flying quidgets.
English- Start a letter book. Work on A pages and make a letter flag.
Science- Living vs. Nonliving things

Tuesday, September 9th--
Gym- Wii System, play a sports game
Life Skills- Sewing, make a pillow
Science- Ocean Atlas, pg 4-9 read and review
Math- Quidget Division
English- Silly Sentence Puzzles
Geography - Locate and lable the top 10 largest cities on his China map from yesterday.

Life Skills- Sewing, hand puppet
Gym- Wii System, play a sports game
Sensory- Sand Bin
Geography- Map Mystery FFG
English- Read and roll Dice Game, hooked on phonics
Math- Work Sheets

Wednesday, September 10th
Art and Music- Henri Matisse coloring Page (see here)
Life Skills- Laundry
History- Work on the Chinese dynasty time line
English- play Word Monkeys

Life Skills- Laundry
Art and Music- Henri Matisse Coloring Page (see here)
Sensory- Bubbles (here)
History- Work on months, use this book
English - Bug Hunt, sight words (an idea I found through one of my many wonderful groups)

Thursday, September 11th
Geography- Locate major rivers and landmarks of China on map from earlier in the week.
Gym- Action Blocks, another great idea from Amber
Life Skills- Manners
English- Writing worksheets
Math - Worksheets

Life Skills- Manners
Gym- Action Blocks, idea from Amber
Math- Make a number Caterpillar for counting by 2's
Sensory- Bath
English- Practice Writing Worksheets

Friday, September 12th
Art and Music- Unplug Your Kids Projects
Life Skills- Baking (Monkey Bread)
History- Items invented in china, put in correct dynasty
Math- Fractions (Baking Monkey Bread)
Science- Ocean CD/Endless oceans on Wii System
English- 1 page story about Henry Matisse

Life Skills- Baking (Monkey Bread)
Art and Music- Unplug Your Kids Projects
Sensory - Clay
English- Story reader, level one
Science- Living vs Non-living
Math- Time Telling

The Weekend (13th and 14th)
Science- Nature Center
Math- monopoly
Life Skills-Laundry

Science- Nature Center
Math- Monopoly Jr.
Life Skills- Laundry


Mrs. Darling said...

Could you write your kids age beside his name so we have better idea of the age level? I think that if someone were looking for a more "waldorfy" way to schedule their days this looks like a good plan. It might just be helpful though to know at what age its aimed at.:)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I love reading Lesson plans. Lots of wonderful ideas! I'm sure Sam knows more about China than I do. I'm pretty sure I can only label 4 or 5 cities in China.

We read a China book this week that Gabe might like called Good Morning China. It is about different activities that take place at a Chinese park in the morning. From my limited experience, it seems quite useful and accurate.

I hope you keep posting your lesson plans. I too find them very helpful and keep me accountable.

Kate in NJ said...

We saw an excellent book at the library today with Chinese characters and what they mean...our bag was full, so we didn't get it, but I'll get the title when I go back.I think the boys would enjoy it.

April said...

I found your blog while just searching through some. I have an 8 year old and 4 year old twins and this is our first year of homeschooling. Can I just say I am so impressed with your dedication and lesson planning. We have been at it for a little over a month and its just not working. I am considering changing everything ,as in lesson plans, schedules and curriculum. Your plans are so creative and you seem to be so dedicated. I will definitely continue to check back for more great ideas. I, too, have a blog. I am afraid that I'm not as organized as you are but your more than welcome to check it out.

Steve - K5 Computer Lab said...

I found your site while looking for lesson plans. You obviously put a lot of care and planning into your children's education. I can't label any cities in China! Well maybe Beijing. I became fascinated by China while watching the Olympics.
I might have some useful lessons you could use on my k-5 computer lab site at Maybe have a quick look and thanks for your site!