Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh I love a good deal, oh yeah a couple school shots to....

It was one of those weeks. It seemed that everything was spinning out of control. Yet we still managed to get some school work done.
Sam worked on salt dough map of Japan. He is going to finish that up in a couple of days. I will show you pictures when he finishes. Gabe spent some time fishing for math answers.

I just love the look on his face. It is so funny. He is such a cutie.
We went out grocery shopping last night and found some really great deals that I had to share with you. First we got this new table for Gabe. The table was originally 80 dollars but it was on clearence for 20. So if you are looking for a table like this check out target. As you can see he had so much fun on it today. We also picked up a new Didj for Sam. It was 90 dollars to start and we got it 20 also. Then we got him a crammer to. That was 60 and we got it for 15. So many great deals. So if you are looking for some great deals check out Target.
I will post more tomorrow. Have a great night.


Mrs. Darling said...

Wow you did get some good deals. I havent been out shopping in a while. Im itching to get out and get a few things.

Kate in NJ said...

Oh, I was going to run into
Target for a couple of things, but now I'm scared. lol