Sunday, May 27, 2007

Well I had a few updates to add in. Unfortunetly my camera decided to die on me so I have no new pictures to put up. Well with a bit of work Sammy did complete all of his work on time to have the great mystery friday. I had to push him all week because he did not want to work but he really enjoyed earning the friday though so hopefully each week will get a little easier to finish. For this week friday was filled with constructive play and science. During the constructive play he was required to learn 5 new facts and tell his dad about them when he got home from work. Then science happened after supper. I laid out an old shower curtain to keep the floor as dry as possible. Then I took an empty bucket and a bucket full of water, placing them at opposite ends of the curtain. I gave the boys each a sponge and told them that was all they could us and had to move the water to one bucket from the other. They loved it. Well that is all for now. I will post again soon and hopefully with pictures. Enjoy the long weekend everyone.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ahhh a new week! Sometimes it is great when a week ends and you can start over fresh. Around here it has been a constant battle to get my oldest to do his school work. I think that I may have finally gotten through to him though. Yahoooooo!!!! I have decided to start doing MYSTERY FRIDAY. He will still have lessons on fridays, just how they are done depend on him. If he completes his monday through thursday lesson plan by the time he goes to bed on thursday, Friday will be lots of fun. He will get to do different things like baking for math or do some art and science projects. It will be a mystery what he does on that day. If he does not finish then he has a very boring day of the basic worksheets that he does not like. I hope that this works because when he does not finish he ends up working on it all weekend and that does not make for a happy house. Well I will post again on Friday to let you know what happens.....

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bubble Mania
We bought this really cool bubble machine for the kids ($10 at Target and it comes with all of the batteries) The kids have had such a blast with it I had to share some pictures of playtime with it. There was so many bubbles that the kids could not get enough of it. Gabe had so much fun he was trying to bite the bubbles. Sammy was basically dancing his way through them.

Jungle Fun
The building that we live in is not very kid friendly. We have very limited places for the kids to play. The kids have come up with different places to play. The pictures were taken below our apartment. As you can see the area is right off from the pool. The kids were playing that they were at monkey jungle. Imagination is a wonderful thing when it comes to play.

Just relaxing!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

So it has been awhile since my last entry, sorry. I have been so busy. We have constantly been on the go. With no car for so long we had to get our errands done a little bit each day. Sammy and I would put on our backpacks and go grocery shopping every couple of days. He was such a trooper about the whole thing. All though if you look at the pictures I think that he may have lost it abit. I waled into the room while he was doing his lessons and he decided that he needed his shirt over his head. Well it did not stop there, He saw the picture and felt that you could not see his face enough, So that is why there is a second picture. Now he feels people can see his face better. Well the car is back now so we will be able to give more time to other things. My entries should be coming more often.

Sensory play
I have had people mention in the online groups about what different sensory play you could do. I thought that maybe I could start to put regular entries about things we do for sensory play. The one pictured here was very simple and cheap to do. I had bought a roll of bubble wrap. I laid out a long strip of it on the floor and the boys ran back and fourth on it for the longest time. Daddy even joined in when he came home. It was fun for all. I will make another entry soon about sensory play.
Well another thing that happened in our absence was that Sammy went and turned 7 on us. I thought that they were supposed to stop getting older at some point.LOL. I guess just wishful thinking. It was a wonderful day. His uncles came over and spent the weekend with us. I let him go on to and pick out what cake he wanted. He wanted to have the Hawaiian Beach theme. Here is what our cake is looked like when we were done. In case anyone was wondering those are teddy grahms swimming with tubes and gummy sharks. He loved his cake.

Here are a couple of shots of him opening his presents. His Little brother was in the bottom one. He wanted to help open the gifts so bad. Every year I try to give a wow gift, something they do not ask for but they still say wow when they open it. Well this year I was so proud of my wow gift it only cost .99 and he loved it. I bought him a grow your own watermelon kit. Everyone in the house can not wait. We want some fresh watermelon. I think we are going to wait awhile though. Oh well it is a fun project.