Monday, January 19, 2009

A better start to the week....

Our day went pretty well today. The boys each got their work done quickly with little to no stress. Sam got most of his work done really quick this morning because he had to go to the dentist today and he wanted to get as much done before going. However I was not awake enough yet to get pictures of him actually working. I did get pictures of some of the projects. While he was gone I got to work with Gabe so there is plenty of pictures of him.
Sam's salt dough map of Japan. After I took the picture he added on what oceans surrounded it.
For English Gabe worked on his letter book today. It was the letter N.
We all know how much Gabe loves monkey's. So it was no surprise when he was excited to have monkey math. This is a great game for younger kids learning to add. They get to self check themselves. If the monkey's arms are balanced they know that they are right.
For Life Skills today both of the boys had to feed the monkey. They love doing this. Gabe even adds in sound effects. I will not subject you to them. (he did have me make a video of it)
For our Arts and Crafts project to do today I had the boys make Japanese Worry Dolls. I found the idea for it in the family fun craft book but the do have it on their web site, here. These looked alot easier to make than they really were. I made mine (the middle one) the night before just to make sure that I could do it and help the boys if they needed it. Sam did complete his (the left one) all on his own and did a great job. I helped Gabe with his (the right one). Sam wants to make one for each country that we study now. He was so cute giggling about the costumes that he could make. My favorite worry doll that was made is shown below. I love this kid. He is so much fun.

To end I thought I would share a picture f our new table and the fun being have at it. What can I say "Boys and their Toys" LOL! Have a great night and see you tomorrow.


PisecoMom said...

I love your LIFE-SIZE worry doll too!

Kate in NJ said...

nice day.

Mrs. Darling said...

Ive always wanted a table like that for peter but just have never broke down and bought one. You're making me wish I would have now. LOL

Kate in NJ said...

Just back to say, I have a "prize" for you at my blog.

Elissa said...

Ok, this is about the umpteenth post with the shirtless wonder! How funny!I can relate, which is why it's so funny!