Monday, May 21, 2012

HyperBlast 2

I really liked HyperBlast 2 on the iPad.  It was challenging on the point of eye hand coordination and math skills.   You start by choosing one of eight math sections, such as addition, then your lesson, such as sums to 24 or sums to 8.  Finally you select the level of difficulty of the course.

Your character rides a spaceship through a tube and you collect shields(they give you energy) and avoid obstacles/aliens.  You gain points by shooting the aliens.  You rotate the scooter around the tube by rotating the iPad.  When you get to certain points in the tube you have to answer math questions from the octopus kind of alien.   The more questions you get right the more points and bonus blast shots. The points that you get at the end of the level get added up and these points can be uploaded to the Mathblaster website and be used for the the games on the website.

My 12 year-old son and I found HyperBlast 2 to be a very entertaining and challenging game. You can find the game at iTunes.