Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Our Tuesday.....

Here are a few our shots from today.
The boys had sewing class for Life Skills today. They made these cute little Juggling balls. Then they used them for gym class. They played Nage-Dama. It is an ancient Japanese juggling game. Basically the whole point is to have multiple players keeping balls in the air as long as possible. I did include a short video at the end of the boys attempt at playing it. It was not to successful because Gabe, well was being Gabe.
For sensory work today Gabe played Transformers in the bean bin. He was having alot of fun.
During English class Gabe played Menu Match with me. There is a letter on one and a picture on the other. So you have to match up what letter the picture starts with. It was fun until it ended. Gabe is having a little problem with poor sportsmanship. He actually hit me because he lost. After a little time out, things improved again.
For math Gabe did trampoline math. I wrote simple addition problems on a white board. He had to jump on the trampoline while figuring it out. Once he knew the answer he jumped off and ran to the answer on the mat and called it out.
During Geography the boys worked on a Drawing to scale project. Here are the pictures of their completed assigments. Sam's is on the top and Gabe's is on the bottom.
Sam wrote a blog entry for English today. By the time he got to it today Gabe had already finished all of his work and I was going to make supper. While I make supper I usually let Gabe watch a show but where our computer is that makes it hard for Sam to focus. So I got Smart with that and hung one of their blankets up. It worked he got it done really quick.
What did you guys do today. I would love to know.


PisecoMom said...

"Oh, good grief, kid!"

I love it! :)

We had a slow day here since my back was bothering me. We read a lot and made Persian puppets for SOTW, played math games and drew pictures.

Kate in NJ said...

Love the to scale work.
P wrote her own "story",
and colored etc. We cleaned
out the fridge together. lol
What kind of needle do you use for their sewing?