Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Stockpile of pictures

Just to share a some of what we have been up to over these last few days. I got a few of the pictures stockpiled for you.
There has been some excercising going on. I set a limit for him to jump of 800 jumps (there is a counter on it) He was so into the jumping that he did over 1100 jumps. So much energy, it makes me tired to watch. LOL.
Gabe played his new game about sight words with his dad. I thought the game was great because it was made for different levels. The card that he had to write on was two sided. One side the words he had to find was preprinted to help the kids still working on writing. It is great because he can grow with it.

Sam spent time just watching the inaguration. He is such a fan of anything presidential.
Dh and I made a new game for Gabe to practice learning where his continents are. Dh printed a map of the world and he put it into a file folder to make a game board. I found a bunch of animal cards broken down by continents here. I then made them into deck of playing cards. The goal of the game was to get one of the cubes on each continent first. It was fun I just have to work on it a little bit more.
I found a cute online coloring sheet for Gabe to do. As you can see from the picture it was getting a bit enthusiastic on the coloring. I let him play for a little bit. Then I stepped in and tried to direct him so we could finish up. When I walked up he was very funny. He told me that was just having to much fun. LOL!
For geography Sam made a wonderful tab book about Japan that we found on
Some Serious playtime went on of course.
Sam made a cats eye game. There was two buttons for the cats eyes. He made some holes in the board where the eyes should go. The object was to get the buttons in the holes.

Today he worked on land forms. I printed out some landforms on to strips. Then he went to this world map and had to put them in the right spots.

Gabe played Junior scrabble with me for english. He is getting so good at his reading of the words.

Sam practiced some 3 digit adding with a monster math FFG.

This is an ongoing science project. Dh has a plant in his office that all it needs it water to regrow. If the leaves are striped off they are supposed to regrow. I think it is actually going to work. I will keep you posted.


Kate in NJ said...

I bet your boys would enjoy the stuff at
if you don't already know about it.
P really likes the President coloring pages!

Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

I missed your blog. I love the trampoline. I really need to get something like that. Sam looks all grown up doing his schoolwork.

reprehriestless warillever said...

I love the continents game!