Monday, January 05, 2009

Our Start Back To School....

Today was our first official day back to school. It went pretty well over all. So I have some pictures for you.
Dh tried to science with Gabe before he left for work this morning. He is learning about the senses. Today he showed him about sight. Specifically how your eyes can play tricks on you. Dh taught him a trick that makes it look like you have a hole in your hand. Needless to say this was Gabe's favorite class of the day.

Today I gave the boys chopsticks to have them transfer items from one bowl to the next. Sam I made a little harder and gave him pony beads to transfer. Gabe was a little easier, cotton balls, but I forced him to be patient and transfer one at a time.

Normally I do not include picture of the boys in the tub. This time I thought that it would be o.k. because they are pretty cute. He had bath time for a sensory activity. I mentioned in the past that he loves bath time. I think that these pictures show that. He discovered today that if he filled his little bath tub rocket up with water and squeezed it that the water went all the way to the ceiling. That was a lot of fun for him.

Gabe is working on making his own letter book. I got these great alphabet dolls from someone in one of the online groups that I am in. Unfortunetly I do not remember who sorry. What I do is have him color each doll then cut it out. After he cuts it out then he glues it on to a piece of construction paper. Don't you just love todays. He said that the boy is sad and that is why he clored his face blue.
Ohh what is big brother doing? I love this picture because usually Sam gets envious of the work that Gabe has. He does not realize that Gabe gets pretty envious of him to. The project that Sam was working on is contour mapping for geography class. The project was alot of fun all though it did not work out right. Our supplies were less than adequate. We only had small packs of sculpy clay, so we could not make the mountain big enough. Sam wants to try again when we can fix the supplies.

Sam did have a little bit of written work today. He has shown an interest in cursive writing so we gave him a couple of sheets to do. Look how happy he was. Actually he was laughing at me. Go figure he thinks I am funny.

So tune back in tommorow to see what trouble (I mean Learning) we do.


Kate in NJ said...

What a wonderful way to jump back into learning (as if your boys ever stop!). We did much less than I would have liked, but we did help clear out some of Great Grandma's junk at her house, so
we feel like we worked

reprehriestless warillever said...

How do you keep the boys so engaged?