Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Halloween Crafts

Today I thought that I would share some of the projects that my husband and I have been working on.  I tried to make some decorations for his office.  To start with he has really high doors to his office so he wanted me to paint him this pumpkin to hang from it.  I thought that it turned out pretty good.  Although people in his office thought the kids painted it, LOL.

So Rob has been working on projects for around here.  He decided to make a sign for our front door.  Looks pretty good.  He put a layer of Glow in the Dark paint on it, but then we remembered there is always a light on it, OOPS. :)
I made him this coffin to keep on his desk filled with candy.  I am so happy with how the bat on the outside turned out.  For the dots I just used a Q-tip on it.  Then the inside I Mod podged the really cool fabric of bats on it.  I think hubs was really pleased with it.

On a personal note I wanted to share that our cousin had a premature delivery last week.  She is need of a blood donations for the baby.  If any of my readers live near Hackensack Hospital and have O- negative blood please consider donating in her name, Jaelyn Camphausen .  Hackensack Hospital M. - F.  201.996.4819  Thank you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Garland

With Halloween getting so close I thought that I would start to share some of my projects that we have done this year.  So today I thought that I would show you my Garland.  It has the things on it that make me think most of Halloween, candy corn, witches hats, and of course pumpkins. 
I made three of each one and then sewed them to a nice "spooky halloween" ribbon.
I think the candy corn was my favorite one of all of them.

I loved how the pumpkin has lines to show the roundness of it.
I thought that the witches hat came out cute.  I was not really sure what to do with it because it such a basic shape.  So to give it some dimension I sewed a line across close to the bottom to give a little brim to the hat.
When it was finished we hung it up in our front window.  I just love how she glows!  What things have you made for halloween this year?  I would love to see, let me know!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our halloween swap...

My friend Mamagames over at mind games set up a Halloween Swap this year.  It was alot of fun.  We got a really sweet family up in Ohio for our swap.  Here are some of the pictures of the great stuff that they sent to the boys.
The sent a package of Twix (yes we could not wait to get into them, yummy).  A pumpkin Spice granola,
some cool orange bowls.  Then a really fun ice cube tray, skull heads.

They also sent along a few things to play with.  A pirate play set, and a kitty mask (as I am typing this I realize that I forgot the Knights shield,oops)  Some glow in the dark braclets that Gabe is very excited to try.  Finally they sent a book to Sam.

A really great package as you can see.  Thanks so much to our swap family in Ohio.  What is everyone else doing for fun this halloween.