Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to school time.....

Well finally with all of the Holiday rush settling down it is time to get back to schooling. After these last few months Dh and I discussed what we wanted for a school schedule. I mean do we take off in the summer or do we go year round, what should we do. Nice that we finally discuss this after four years of homeschooling right. In all honesty, it is the first chance that we have had. These past four years we have spent trying to figure out the right ways to teach them (very important thing there.) Also Gabe was only schooling with us part time to and now he is with us full time. The last six months have shown us alot to figure it out finally. Over the summer the boys had the freedom to learn on there own and it was really chaotic. There was absolutly no structure to it. Then we came up on the holidays. While there was learning going on, there was alot of other things that were taking focus away from it. So armed with this new information we have decided to go from January to October with schooling. Then during November and December have some activities each day to strengthen their mind but not "real" schooling. Not bad right and it only took us four years to figure it out. LOL.

So today we set into our new schedule and I thought that I would share what some of the activities that we are going to do in our first week back.

Sam's Schedule for this week.
Geography- A Vocab Game of Geography terms, A color and Contour project, and a scale to size project.
Life Skills- Chopstick Transfer, Sewing, Laundry, Manners, Baking
Art and Music- Make a Jewlery box, origami cup, design costumes and sets for a short skit.
Math- Some Long Division, Totally Tut Game, Who Knows FFG, Fractions ( through Baking), and the ATM Game.
English- Practice cursive writing, A Blog Entry, Short Story Writing, Pizza Nut FFG, Public Speaking (short Skit)
Gym- Nage Dame, Obstacle Course
History- Work on Japan Timeline, Read and Answer questions from History of The World book.

Gabe's Schedule for the week.
Life Skills- See Sam's Life Skills
Sensory - Bath, Bean Bin, Puffin Stuff, Play Dough
Art and Music - Letter Book, Origami Cup, Set and Costume design for play.
Math - Math Circus Video, Trampoline/Number Mat, Pirate FFG, Puzzle, Monopoly Jr.
English - Letter book (L page), Menu Match Game, Practice Reading, Trampoline/ Letter mat, Public Speaking (Short Skit)
Gym- See Sam's Gym List
Geography - Scale to Size project
History - Japan Timeline

The kids will also have a field trip to the Science Museum. They will also have Science lessons this week. As I am writing this though Dh has not had a chance to plan them out yet. I will post about them as they happen during the week though. I promise to include lots of pictures from our learning fun this week. So make sure to check back and see what we do. I will also have a book list again and another factual friday entry. Lots of good stuff coming your way.


Kate in NJ said...

I enjoy your organization.
I am trying to get my house back in order from the kitchen painting,
and get lessons set up...where did I put the box of crafts and lesson bags? It was under the computer desk, but got moved somewhere between the new computer set up and kitchen painting. Yikes!

Mrs. Darling said...

Its amazing what works for different families. When you figure it out it makes all the difference. I school from September through mid July. September is only light schooling because of canning. In july we vacation every year and in August the canning starts. It is so time consuming that there is no way we can do bookwork. So we end up with about 6 weeks off from mid July through August.

Im so looking forward to your pictures. I love pics of what every one is doing!