Monday, January 26, 2009

Our weekly plan.....

Normally I try to post the weekly list on Sunday, but honestly I just did not feel like it. I did not feel up to doing much on the computer this weekend. Now I get to play catch up though, so please bare with me.

Week of Jan. 26th to Feb. 1st

Sam's Week
Geography - Globe time, Rural Japanese Town Picture, Japanese Trivia
Life Skills- Folding, Sewing, laundry, manners, baking
Art and Music - Zoo Maps, Blob Print Kite, "cooking lesson"
Science - Health and Nutrition, experiment
Math - Sabe Cafe, Geometry Kit, Pencil Pockets FFG, Fractions, Iguana Factor
English - Cursive Writing Sheet, Blog Entry, Story Writing, With a cherry on top FFG, "cooking lessons"
Gym- Wii Fit, Walk
History- Vocab Game, Discussion Questions

Gabe's Week
Sensory - Bath, Rock Bin, Bubble Blowing, Playdough
Life Skills - See Sam's List
Art and Music - See Sam's List
Science- Exercise Teacher, Food, Experiment
English- Letter Book ( o page ), Shaving Cream Letter Writing, Story Readers, Boggle Jr, "cooking lesson"
Math - Sabe Cafe, Geometry Kit, Shop till you drop, Puzzle, Fishing Math
Gym - See Sam's List
Social Studies - Community Workers (zoo keeper)

We did get started on some of this today. It was really good the boys had a lot of fun. That makes it a nice way to start the week. Lets just hope the rest of the week keeps up that way. I would post more tonight but I have to go make some FFG's now. The work is never done. I promise that I will post some more tomorrow.


Momma TaderDoodles said...

wow, your organization is just amazing :) I tend to toss a book at my girls and see what sticks! LOL

Kate in NJ said...

Great plans as always..MTD..I'M CRACKIN' UP!