Sunday, January 11, 2009

The upcoming week.....

Just thought I would jot down some notes of what we hope to accomplish this week. Last week went pretty good. Everything was finished by the end of the week. Lets hope this week goes just as well.

Sam's schedule for this week -
Geography- Globe Probe, Picture map of Japan, Start on a salt dough map of Japan
Life Skills- Lacing Cards, Sewing, laundry, manners, baking (banana bread)
Art and Music- recreate some Japanese art, eye dropper art, skit design
Math- Number Bingo, Restaurant Math, Peas in a pod FFG, Fractions (baking), Monopoly
English - Cursive writing sheets, Blog Entry, Story Writing, Tic Tac Sno FFG, mixed body parts singing
Science- Muscles and Bones continued, experiment
History- Vocab Game, History of the world with discussion questions.
Gym- Action Blocks, Walk

Gabe's Schedule for this week-
Life Skills- See Sam's schedule
Sensory- Bath, Rice bin, bubble mania, Play dough
Gym - See Sam's schedule
Art and music - Letter book, eye dropper art, Skit design
Math - Number bingo, Restaurant Math, Fishing Math, Puzzle, chutes and ladders
English- Letter book (m page), read and roll game, Story readers, Tic Tac sno FFG, Mixed body parts singing
Science- care of body continued, experiment
History- Japan Timeline

Then of course on sunday we have our field trip to look foward to. This weeks trip is to this really cool place. Here.

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