Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bonding with Dad....

For you that have been reading my blog for awhile know that my husband paints t-shirts up.  The boys have always loved that .  Gabe actually tells people that his dad is his favorite designer.  Well recently Gabe asked if they could paint t-shirts as a father son bonding. 
Rob of course started on his a few days early because he wanted to surprise Gabe with it.  A new shirt to go see the movie Cars in.

He started helping the boys with theirs.  They each picked out a design that they wanted and drew it for us to transfer to a t-shirt.  Sam actually transfered his on his own.

Rob had not finished his up yet so they all three had a painting party.  Such a creative bunch I have here.
(photo by Sam)
This is the horse that Gabe drew and painted all by himself.  He did such a good job.  His abilities in art are really improving.
(photo by Sam)

Sam wanted a new top for his pajamas.  So he created this cute little monster.
What has everyone else been creating lately?  I would love to see, let me know.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A reason to smile Mimi...

Gabe has been practicing his spanish and wanted to tell you that he loves you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Alan!

The boys made this short little video to wish their Uncle Alan a Happy Birthday.  Gabe is dressed as a monkey because he says that his uncle is a monkeys uncle, LOL.  He also chose Sam's costume.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pro shots for Dance 2011

So I wanted to share the boys pictures from picture day with you.  I hope that you enoy them.
The group Acro Shot.
One of my favorite shots.  It is the group ballet for Sam.
This is the Boy's tap class.
Gabe with all of the little girls in ballet and tap (just the skirts change on the girls)

I hope that you enjoyed all of the photos.  We really did have a great year.  Make sure to check out the following entry for the photos and videos from rehersal night.

Rehersal Night

Well the boys had their dance recital last weekend and it was fantastic.  I am so proud of all three of my boys (yup, there was a Dad's dance this year).  Well I can not take photos or videos during the actual shows I am allowed to during rehersal.  So I have alot to share with you.  Let's get started...
It was a long night for the boys 4:30 to 9.  We made sure to bring some sandwiches for supper.  Gabe does not look that impresed with his sandwich, LOL.
They did have time to hang out with friends (Sam and Brendan)
Sam and Lawrence
Best Buddies, Gabe and Marc!  These two are inseperable.  They three years apart to the day (Gabe is older) and so close.  It is great to Gabe have that strong of a bond with someone. 
Ok during rehersal they normally run through the Dances twice.  I started to be happy about this because my video camera died and so I only had my regular camera left (it takes video too).  Well I wanted pictures and video so I figured that I could do video on one round and photos on the other.  For some reason they only did one round for Sam's Ballet (Lady in Red was the song)  so all I got was pictures.  No video :-(  It was a  really good dance too,  At least I have pictures to share with you.
As you can see in these two photos he was totally loving this dance and being the only boy! 

He even did some partnering work.  He was about to help Amanda with her leap here.
Well here are two out of three of my favorite guys.  (Gabe was to busy playing with all of the girls to get in the picture)
Hip Hop was interesting this year.  The boys were actually seperated into two classes but during the show they did share some dance time. They put a little bit much on the smoke machine. There are other boys on stage with Sam!
Gabe waiting for the music to start during the hip hop number.
This is the video of their hip hop dance.  The song is "Black or White" by Micheal Jackson.
This is the video from Gabe's Ballet.  The song was called "Yellow".
Here is the video for Gabe's Tap.  The song was "Tie a Yellow Ribbon"
Getting some direction from their teacher Miss Britni.

Sam's other favorite dance -- Tap!

Sam's Tap Video.  The song was "Blue Suede Shoes" by Elvis.

Here is my little frog hoping around in his Acro number.
My little monkey rolling out a foward roll into a split.
The boys acro video.. The song was "Over the Rainbow"
My biggest guy, My husband.  I love him so much and am SOOO Proud of him.  What a good dad he is to get up there again and dance.  He did such a good job! (and the boys loved it)
Just before the dancing started.  I thought it was a really cool shot.  Rob is the one in the center.
Here is the video of the Dad's dance for you.  There is a little delay before the dancing starts so make sure to wait for it.  The song was "Men in Black"
So that was rehersal night.  Incase you did not notice the theme this year was colors.  It was a great year and the boys are already looking foward to next years recital.  Gabe is excited because he will be adding a new dance style to his skills, Jazz.  Sam is looking foward to it because it looks like he is going to be a teachers helper. (someone who is one stage with the little kids to help them with the routine)