Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Four ...Hollywood Studios

Otherwise known as Our last day :0(...  It was a really good trip the boys had so much fun at everything we did.  This was probably their least favorite park of all (I think it was mostly how tired they were, otherwise I think that they would have liked it alot better.)
When we first got their we seperated from Rob for a little bit.  He wanted to ride on the Tower of Terror and the Aerosmith rollercoaster.  Not something the boys and I wanted to do, So the boys and I hung out in the gift shops for awhile (not something Rob wanted to do).  They tried on lots of hats.  I love how silly Sam will act about things now.  There is a point in time he would have never put this hat on and let me take a picture of it. 
He even got on this Pony.  Kid is getting way to big though. He stood on the base of and swung his leg right over no problem.  I miss my baby, he is growing way to fast.
Oh this child loves his stuffed animals.  (I should show you a picture of his bed sometime)  How sweet is this photo though.  Childhood innocence at its finest.
The guys in front of the Tower of Terror.
Gabe giving Mike a hug goodbye.  Sad to see our trip end.  The boys are already planning our trip back.  If you want to see the rest of the photos from Hollywood studios look here

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Three...Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was probably the favorite for Rob and myself.  The boys enjoyed it but the liked the first two parks more. (Animals and World Pavilion, kinda their thing)  Over all it was a really wonderful day, even though we were all getting really tired at this point. 
(taken by Gabe)
I love this picture because it shows how beautiful everything looked. That is the thing about Disney it is always so clean and beautiful. Also it is a great picture just because Gabe took it.  He asked me if he could take a picture and of course I could not say no.  I think that the kid has a pretty good eye, don't you?
O.k. Is their anything better than my three favorite guys in front of Cinderella's castle.  I mean after all they are my Prince Charming! ;0)
Rob riding in a Giant flying elephant, LOL.. He loved all of the rides so much that he even took Gabe on this (might have a little something to do with how much he loves Gabe too)
This was one of my most memorable rides, because it was one of the things that caused Gabe to feel the Disney magic.  It was the Peter Pan flight ride.  When you first get in their is a bar that does not close until you get to the end of the runway.  Once you get there the attendent waves their hand over the bar and it closes.  So at the end of the ride I saw Gabe wave his hand of the bar and it openend right up.  He was so excited to have the Disney magic!  LOL
The first ride that I took Gabe on that morning was the Speedway Racers while Rob took Sam to Space mountain.  Gabe loved it so much that he wanted to go on it again.  This time that I was able to wait and take pictures and look who I got being all big and riding by himself.  Yikes that is my scene in just a few short years.  LOL.  Tomorrow is our final day, Hollywood studios.  Until then check out the rest of our pictures from the magic kingdom here  http://s923.photobucket.com/albums/ad74/goofykeene77/Magic%20Kingdom/

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day Two...Animal Kingdom

On to day two, we went to Animal Kingdom.. (we choose the order we went to the parks for early opening)  I was actually pretty excited to go to Animal Kingdom because it was the one park that none of us had actually been to. ( I have been to the other three) It was nice to experience it all together.  Here are some of my favorite pictures  from the day...
We actually ended our day with this ride.  It was the favorite ride out of all the parks for the boys.  I loved it (other than it being really fun) because on this trip Sam faced one of his fears on it and conquered it.  He loved it and was begging to go on it again.  We would have except the line was to long and it was getting close to the park closing for the night.
Here is a close up  of the Tree of Life.  The details of the tree were amazing.  I mean can you see the octopus legs above the Orangutans head. 
My Two really happy boys in front of the Tree of Life.  The tree did have a really cool show in side it, Called it is not easy being a bug.  It was a 3-D show featuring characters from the bugs life movie.  It did startle Gabe abit, because parts were dark and loud.  Your seats were even involved in it, at the end they ask you to wait and let all of the bugs out first.  Your seats move like there are bugs crawling under it. 
The have a section there called Rafiki's Planet watch, it has a conservation station in there.  Gabe was so excited to find his long lost twin (see the resemblance, LOL)
The boys even got to meet Rafiki (I love Rakiki, One of my favorites from the movie).  Sam was so excited because he was wearing a Disney Coservation Pin and Rafiki loved that.  Next up Day 3, Magic Kingdom (mine and Rob's favorite)  until then check out the rest of our pictures from animal kingdom here.  http://s923.photobucket.com/albums/ad74/goofykeene77/animal%20kingdom/

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A little video of Gabe

This was Gabe's public speaking lesson for today.  It was to cute not to share.  Sam video taped while his dad made the "rain".  Hope you enjoy.

Day one...EPCOT

Our natural desire to cram in as much as we can in our days continued while on vacation.  We were only there for the four days and wanted to do all four parks.  Ok that means really long days for us.  You know what though We have the BEST KIDS EVER..  The more tired they are the better behaved they are.  I know we are so lucky.  They did not fight at all.  They were patient and waited well on everything.  They never complained either.  I mean are we totally the luckiest parents or what!  Before you go hating us for having the greatest kids (which we do)  They are almost never like that at home.  Ok here are a few of my favorite shots from EPCOT, Our longest day (about 13 hours overall at the park).
The character meet and greet with Momma's favorite Goofy.
We took a boat ride through a very cool area that showed ways they are trying new types of growing.  Look at those sweet potatoes, they are huge and did not even grow in the dirt.  Pretty Cool.  This ride kept making me think of our friend Kate.  She would have loved it.
The boy played this really cool game of Kim Possible.  They got to be secret agents and had to find they bad guy.  They were given a kimunicator that would give them assignments that they had to complete.  It was pretty neat. (Doesn't Gabe look impressed in this photo, LOL)
They boys in front of the monorail and Spaceship earth.
(Taken by Rob)
Rob and Sam stayed a little later than us that night and got this shot on the way out.  I thought that it was so beautiful.  Alright the next one will be Day two...Animal Kingdom.  Until then check out this link to see the rest of our photos from EPCOT.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Month of May....

Ok so I think in the month of may we really start to lose it abit.  It is probably one of our busiest months.  There are 5 birthdays and mothers day just to start.  Then we have our school evaluation to start getting ready for.  This may we also had a baby shower for the boys dance instructor.  The dance recital photos and Dad's dance practices going on too. The goal is also to have the etsy shop up and running by the end of the month too.  All the while all of this stuff happens we still have to keep up with everyday life, boys schooling, cleaning, etc... That's alot of stuff happening so what do we do, up we go on vacation for a week.  It was really fun though, look where we went.
Disney World.. The boys first time there.  I took so many pictures while we were there that I had to break them all up into groups ( It took 692 and I have not even uploaded Sam's yet.  He took another 150)  So I thought that I would spend the next few entries sharing some of my favorites from each day.  To start with I thought that I would share around our hotel.  We stayed at the All-Star Movie Resort.  So all the buildings were themed to movies, ours was the love bug.
Sam and Gabe sitting in RC from Toy Story.
Sam and Gabe near Woody in what was supposed to represent Andy's Room.
Rob decided to take a nap in RC
This was the focal point of the main pool.. It was themed Fantasia.  We had such a good time and and there was so much to see and do at just the hotel.  Tomorrow I will share our day one...Epcot.  Until then if you want to see the rest of the pictures from the hotel and our train trip there, clck on this link. 

Friday, May 06, 2011

Sam's 11th Birthday!!!

So My Little guy is not so little anymore, He turns 11 today.  How come they can keep growing up.  I really do not like it.  Oh well, guess that I just have to give in and go with it.  This year his presents were a little more grown up.  To start with last weekend we took him to Micheal's and gave him him $50.  He was allowed to buy whatever he wanted.  Among the many things he got his first glue gun.  Also some wood so that he could start practicing wood burning designs.  O.K.  now on to his 2 gifts that we gave him this morning.  Well as much as Sam loves crafting he loves to read more, So we got him a

Kindle.  As you can see he is pretty happy about that.  We loaded two new books, Kingdom Keepers 4 and Throne of Fire.

He found out that Throne of Fire was from his little brother. 
Now on to the biggest of all the gifts.  Hmm what is this in here, a bunch of papers?
This is starting to look like some good papers.  Could it be?
Yes it is Tickets to Disney World!!!!!
Finding out that we leave on Monday morning.  Now time to fill Gabe in on what is happening.
Yup now he knows.  Needless to say they are pretty excited.  This is their first trip to Disney and they can not wait.
Normally when his Birthday Cards come in I let them have them right away, but this year I had to hold them.  That was because so many people were in on the secret.  His mimi sent him a gift card to Disney world., so the secret would have been out.
Ok we leave in a couple of days so expect a few (ok a lot more than a few) pictures when we get back.