Sunday, January 18, 2009

No Fist Allowed In Puzzles.....

Here are some of the shots that I never got a chance to add in this week.
This first one was a way that I updated Chutes and Ladders. The boys game of Chutes and Ladders was still in really great shape but they had outgrown it. Since it was still in great shape I did not want to get rid of it. I decided to give it an up grade, and it was really simple. First I left the board completly alone, I just changed the spinner. To start I covered up the numbers with some white label stickers. Then I took out the spinner so that I could laminate the board of it. This allows the board to be dry erase. That way Sam and Gabe can both use it for math. To finish it off I put the spinner back on. A brand new game and it cost nothing.
My big guy allows loving to learn. History being his favorite subject to learn. I love the look of "Oh that is interesting!"
Gabe had a puzzle to build for math. He spent time with his dad building this. Dh wanted me to tell everyone about this puzzle because it is one off the better kids puzzles he has seen. See Dh loves to do puzzles as a bonding thing. The thing with kids puzzles that Gabe can do it is a little easy (boring) for him. This one was great for him though because it is made up of two different sized puzzle pieces. The bigger set that is good for kids, then the smaller set for adults. I tried to look for a link for you but I could not find one. Dh did say that he saw one at Target if anyone wants one. I left a picture for you though so you can see what the puzzle looks like. If you click on the picture you can see the two different size pieces that I was talking about.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention about the title. Gabe was constantly hitting pieces and trying to force them in. So Dh said so many times "There is no Fist in puzzles." LOL to funny.


PisecoMom said...

Heather, I love the idea to cover over the spinner and make it customizable for both kids. :)

Kate in NJ said...

Great ideas as always!!

Anonymous said...

Love your ideas, blog, and your pictures!Thank you for posting the link on the Games4learning.
I invented a carsong that you might enjoy to practice math facts. It's sung to the tune of 99 Bottles of Beer:
4 bottles of juice on the wall
4 bottles of juice,
you go to the store buy 5 more,
how many bottles of juice on the wall?

9 bottles of juice on the wall,
9 bottles of juice,
you take 3 down
and pass em around,
how many bottles of juice on the wall?

We started with simple equations, like the ones on your chutes and ladders game, and got more and more complex over the years. 83 bottles... you take 29 down. etc
So my kids got really good at mental math.