Monday, October 01, 2007

Book list #7--
Here is our newest list of books. There is alot this week because Sam wanted so many new ones. In honor of the list this week I have included a quote for everyone. I saw it while I was at the children's museum last week. I did not have a pen and paper to write it down, so I was able to get a picture though. I could not agree more with this quote. It makes me feel like reading a whole lot more to the kids.

98.) Merlin and the Making of the King by Margaret Hodges
99.) The Shipwrecked Sailor by Tamara Bower

100.) Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London

101.) Meow -- Cat Stories from around the world by Jane Yolen

102.) Hansel and Gretal by Rika Lesser

103.) Vincent's Colors by Vincent Van Gogh

104.) Paul Bunyon by Steve Kellogg

105.) A Frog Prince by Alix Berenzy

106.) The Spyglass by Richard Paul Evans

107.) Froggy Goes to Bed by Jonathan London

108.) Froggy Learns To swim by Jonathan London

109.) Froggy's first Kiss by Jonathan London

110.) Froggy eats out by Jonathan London

111.) So you want to be President? by Judith St.George

112.) Henny Penny by Jane Wattenberg

113.) King Arthur and the Round Table by Hudson Talbott

114.) How to Bake an American Pie by Karma Wilson

115.) King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Marcia Williams

116.) Arthur -- High King of Britian by Michael Morpurgo

117.) King Arthur by Rosalind Kerven

118.) Firebird by Rachel Isadora

119.) The Most Perfect Spot by Diane Goode

I am sure that most of you noticed alot of King Arthur books. Sam has become very interested in him lately so he picked out all of the books on him that he could find. I am going to be taking a week off from the list because I will not be able to get any new books this week. We are all going out of town for the weekend so I will get new ones again next week.

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Kate in NJ said...

We really enjoyed "How to Bake an American Pie"
and I'd be interested in your feelings on the Paul Bunyon..we like S.Kelloggs books a lot.
Enjoy your trip!

I love that quote!