Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ok. I wanted to share some pictures form this morning that I thought was sweet. I had been feeling like I was in a rut with the school lesson lately so we have been doing alot of unschooling. This morning the kids wanted to play some games on the computer. So Sammy decided to help his brother the mouse. Look at their hands, The make me smile, so sweet.
Well Sammy is always up for some art work. The kid had me cracking up on this one. Normally his art work is done at the table, but today I changed it up and set him up at the easel. He loved this. He told me that he wished he had a paint pallette. So me always up for being silly, I took a paper plate and cut a whole in it. An instant Pallette. his response was "now I feel like Vincent Van Gogh."
Since Sammy was painting Gabe decide to read a little. He found that to be funny.
I hope that everyone is having a really great day.

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Kate in NJ said...

They make my heart swell when they help each other! :-)