Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I got the following idea from anther blog and I thought it was such a wonderful idea that I had to do it. Check out the original idea here. I thought that I would share this fun way to work the letter "A". We were going to make apple pie, however I fell asleep. This is what I woke up to. My Dh decided that I needed to sleep and he was going to bake the pie with the boys. He is so wonderful, I mean sleep and a yummy pie.
The boys are waiting so patiently for Dad to tell them what to do.
Sam cutting the shortning into the flour for the pie crust.
This is how the letter "A" comes into play. Instead of making the standard crust for the top we cut out the letter "A" for the top decoration.
Here is the wonderful pie after it was cooked. I am going to go and enjoy it with the boys now so have a good night everyone.


Kate in NJ said...

That is cool!

Nina said...

The Onion Dome site is truly amazing (and truth be told sort of depressing.) I wish I had the energy to make and do all those projects.

Your husband is wonderful. A nap and warm pie sound divine.