Sunday, October 21, 2007

I got tagged--
Kate at Homeschooling in the Garden State tagged me to list 8 things that I like about myself. Now this is probably one of the hardest things that there is for me, but I will try.

1. I love art and can even draw cartoon characters really well.
2. I am very nuturing.
3. I can always make my boys laugh.
4. I am always willing to help someone.
5. I make really yummy chocolate chip coconut cookies.
6. I am usually really patient.
7. I am creative.
Ok. I admit I am stumped. I am impressed that I came up with 7 on my own. I did ask my dh and dc what they thought I should put. My dh said friendly, Sam said nice, and my 4yo said that I burped. Those are the things they all like about me. Now I am supposed to tag 7 others. here you go.
Amy Sue

1 comment:

Kate in NJ said...

I bet you are a terrific burper!!
lol You are also very kind and friendly.
((hugs)) Thanks for playing along.