Friday, October 19, 2007

Ok... I know everyone out there has times when homeschooling is kind of at the backburner. Well the past two weeks have kind of been that way around here. It is not that we have not been schooling, it has just been unschooling. Today we got back to the scheduled school. I have tried to start on some new things. My first picture is a new schedule that I made. I have always been having a hard time making sure that the boys get the subjects taken care of as much as they need it. So this schedule helps out, well at least so far.

The first lesson today was life skills. I had a tea party with the boys. Gabe worked on his pouring skills while both of the boys worked on their table manners. That is definetly something that we are going to have to keep working on.

For math Sam had a worksheet that took him a while. He hates doing math so he fights it. Today was actually focused on subtraction. We are going to focus on a different thing for math each day to try and keep his interest. Gabe worked on sequence cards for his math. I got this great idea from another blog. I took stickers and made my own sequence cards. He loved these because I used the stickers from the movie cars.

Gabe has sensory issues that I have mentioned in the past. Today we worked on the oral issues and did blow paint. He had so much fun. The bottom picture is the ones he made for his dad and brother.

Science class today was fun for them. Gabe played a game about animal habitats. He had fun and tried to make the animals fight. Silly boy. LOL. Sam read the book pictured below. I included a picture of him hiding in his bed reading. We are actually going to take him to the nature trail and see what he learned tomorrow.

This was Gabe working on his english. I had him doing three part cards for word recognation. Sam worked on his spelling.
All in all it was a very productive day. The kids enjoyed the school day. I will have some pictures tomorrow about the art projects we did tonight. The boys made some ocean drums. whew, now that was a lot of info for you. I am really tired reading what we did. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little easier, I do not think so though. Oh well .

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