Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here is a couple of shots of the boys from yesterday. The first one is actually a couple of days ago. Sammy is really enjoys making peg boards. Well the pegboards have a lot of little beads. So when he started making them we bought a container to sort them into. I sorted all of them by colors, Then the boys dumped them. Needless to say the bin has sat emptyfor a long time because I did not want to spend days sorting them again. Sam came to me the other day and asked if he could sort them. I felt that this would be a good lesson on focus and determination. (there is about 5000 beads) He finally finished it after 4 days. (dh and of course did pitch in and help some) He is so proud of himself for finishing them.

My little Gabe, he loves helping me in the kitchen. I was making strawberries and bananas for dessert. Gabe cut all of the bananas up for me it was a great lesson for practical life skills. A yummy lesson to of course.

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Kate in NJ said...

I'll say it again...what nice boys you have!