Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well our weekend has been pretty busy with activities. So here is what we have done so far.
This is the boys geography class yesterday. Sammy was coloring in a map of Mexico for his class. Gabe was working on Landform cards with Daddy.

They opened the Farmers Market in West Palm Beach this weekend so we went over to check it out. The boys were waiting while daddy went to get the red peppers. The Farmers Market was nice we will definetly go back.
After we left the farmers market we went out to lunch. Then we did the wonderful trip to the library. Which I forgot to mention last week after the library, Gabe got his own library card. He is so proud. Of course this means alot more books at home for us. Well I went grocery shopping and Rob took the boys over to the Nature Center and trail. Here are some of the picture that they got on the trail. Those berries are a beautiful purple. The bottom makes it hard to believe that we live in the middle of a city. It so beautiful out on the trails.

This was this morning Rob was doing life skills class with the boys. He had them both helping with the dishes. It was very cute because they were singing while they were doing it.
Here us some of the play picture from this morning. Gabe was weaing his helmet to get ready for battle. He says that there is a dragon outside and he has to protect us, he is to sweet. I guess daddy believed him about the dragon. He was hiding under the desk. LOL. Just kidding, he did not believe but he was having fun playing along.

Math Class-- Gabe was having the number sheet. His brother picked numbers for him to find and Gabe and daddy danced their way there. Then for Sammy's math he got to play Monopoly with his Dad.

If the weather holds we might go and have burgers on the grill at the park. That will be a nice end to the weekend. Hope everyones weekend has been great.

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Kate in NJ said...

I really enjoy "visiting" with you all, your home is always filled with love.