Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Laundry time--
Ok I know that some of you might think that I am being mean to my boys, but I made them do their own laundry today. The thing is I was trying to teach them a lesson. It started yesterday, I was trying to get caught up on laundry (Ihad 7 loads ugh!) The kids had been putting their dirty clothes in our room, so when I checked in their room for clothes I only looked on the floor for them. Much to my surprise there was none on the floor. So when I brought the last of the laundry into the boys room Sam comes out with a different basket filled with dirty clothes. he says "sorry I should have given this to you sooner". I wanted to scream, but I did not. Instead I thought quick and decided to teach him some lessons. First I wanted him to learn how much work we do around here and make sure that he appreciated it. Second I wanted him to learn some life skills. He is almost eight I think it is time that he learned how to do some laundry. I captured some shots of him today doing it that I thought I would share.

This is the boys carrying the Laundry Basket down to the laundry room. Sam felt it was to heavy to carry by himself so he got Gabe to help. I thought that it was very cute.
This is one of the boys trying to put the quarters in, so I even got a nice math lesson in. I told him that we needed 1.25 to do a wash and he needed to get the right amount.
I thought that was a funny shot. He had to dig way down in and get out all of the laundry.
This is a funny shot. When the wash finished he had to get the laundry out of the wash to put in the dryer. Well he could not reach the bottom so He brought the step stool along.
He is such a little mom in this picture. he is watching his "shows" while folding laundry on the couch and the kids are playing on the floor.
He demonstrated his skills on how to fold shorts. I did have him go through the whole routine, wash, dry, fold, put away. He did learn his lesson on this. From now on when he sees us doing laundry he plans on making sure to get his in with ours. I do plan on having him help me more from now on because I do think that it is a skill he should learn. So to finish up I hope that none of you feel like I was being to mean to him.


Daphne said...

that is... AWESOME! Do you think 3 is too young? probably huh?

Kate in NJ said...

You rock! P loves "helping" with the
laundry...she picks up any strays and puts them in the hamper, she tosses it all down to the basement when full,
sorts and has been begging to put it in herself..maybe today.

D- start her with sorting- I started P with just putting her stuff in the pile..then towels..etc :-)