Monday, October 29, 2007

Science Time---
Tonight we took some time after bath to do a science project with the boys. I got this idea off from one of the PBS shows that they watch, I do not remember which one it was. Well the whole idea is to take dirty water and try to filter out as much of the dirt as possible. So to start of with they were really excited to do it.

Our supplies--

To start with we had to make the water dirty so DH went outside and got some dirt for the boys. Then we took to funnels and lined them with coffee filters. After that the boys got to pick out what type of filters they wanted to try. We supplied thm with Beach Sand, Pebbles, Sea Shells, Cotton Balls, and finally rice. We kept the test tubes near by so they could try different filters and compare. To me the best filter was (all though I would not drink it) the beach sand.
Gabe was so curious about what was going to happen. He kept checking out what was happening to his brothers.
He was extremly proud of his though to. "LOOK WHAT I DID!"
Sam was always hard at concentration. They both had such a good time.


Kate in NJ said...

Ooh, I saw that too, but I'm not sure where either.
It looks like so much fun, I can't wait to try it too.

The Carnegies said...

Wow, this looks like a great experiment. If you do it again, try 'moss'. It is supoosed to be the best 'natural' filter available. Thanks for sharing!

Shauna said...

Great project! We might try something similar soon. My girls love experiments, so thanks for the idea!

Sadly, we don't watch much PBS anymore (we've moved into "older" shows). :(

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Oh that looks like a great experiment. Ds will love it. I love how Gabe'a face is right there. You can tell he is taking IT ALL in. :)