Monday, October 22, 2007

Things to share....

O.k these first photos are of some of our new goodies. First is Gabe's new computer toy, The Fisher-Price Easy link internet launch pad. I love this thing. We got it for Gabe because he has wanted to use the computer alot lately, he is just not ready to use it on his own yet. Every time he asked me to play on the computer I would be right in the middle of doing something(making supper, teaching his big brother) so I could not stop what I was doing. This toy is great because I can sign him on and it is very secure. It will keep him in areas that are safe for him. He can change the sites that he is on by moving the figures that come with it. There is lots of other great features. To many to list right now. The other picture is of My goodies that I got about Mexico. When we had finished Our U.S. Studies I heard alot of other people mentioning that they got information about the states by contacting the tourism bureau. I thought that was such a great idea that I thought I would contact other countries Tourism bureau's. Mexico sent me an e-mail the night that I sent them one. The e-mail had an attachment with all kinds of info in it so I thought that was it. Well it wasn't, About a week later I got all of the goodies shown below in the mail. The best part it was all for FREE.
Now this last picture was taken this morning. Gabe in the past has had alot of allergie like symptoms. In his short life he has spent alot of time at the doctors for them. Well we were back again this morning. Today they tried the nebulizer on him( that is what is going on in the picture, The mist was bothering his eyes that is why he has sunglasses on) It worked really well on him so they are recommending one for him to have at home.
Hope everyones day is going good!

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Kate in NJ said...

I saw a commercial for that computer thing and thought it looked awesome,
alas P already knows how to get on the computer alone..she has a folder of games/sites she can play on.