Sunday, September 30, 2007

Even Peep would be proud!!!!
My youngest is a huge fan of the show Peep. He loves exploring the things around him which is why he is a big fan of the show. Here is an impromptu exploring session. He was playing music on the different levels of water. The colors were compliments of silly old mom.

He was having so much fun that his big brother joined in. The music session ended but the fun kept on going. After the boys decided to pull out their test tubes and make their own colors.


Kate in NJ said...

How cute they are together!

Shauna said...

This is a great idea Heather, and another one I might have to steal from you! :-)

Thanks for the link to Stateris. Very cool. However, they might have to fight me for a turn. Hehehe

Daphne said...

We love peep!!! I especially love Peep because I'm a science nerd :) I think the most fun we have around here is when we have "peep moments" - and how can anyone ever go wrong with water and food coloring?! Not possible :)