Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!
I am a couple of days behind on my post so I thought that I would get caught up tonight. Well the other night (I think it was Wednesday) we made our halloween decorations to decorate the front window. I got a couple of pictures of my guys all hard at work.

My little guy Gabe hard at work trying to cut out his own pumpkin. I did learn it is a skill he needs to work on it a little more but he did a great a job any way.
Sam very hard at work coloring his pumpkin. He put a lot of detail into it. YOu can see it in the bottom picture.
All three of my beautiful boys hard at work on their projects. Daddy was trying to cut out a pumpkin outline for the pumpkin suncatchers.
Even though the picture did not come out that goodI thought I would share. It shows the ghost and haunted mansions that the boys colored. You can even see one of the suncatchers. There is a foot print ghost on there to. We had more of those but the window was to big show were all of them were. Then across the top I cut out the letters to spell happy halloween.

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