Sunday, October 21, 2007

Book List #9--
Ok I have book list entry for you guys. I have changed my format a little bit because of some recent comments. I started this list originally as way to keep track of the books that we read through out the school year. I did try and make comments about the books that were our favorites, but I did not mention much about the other ones. Sometimes I can be a little slow, I did not think that other people might want to know about them. Thank you for asking then. We have been lucky enough that we have enjoyed all of the books. I am the type of person though that feels a little weird about recomending books to people, I know I am crazy. I just would feel bad if I recommended a book to people and they did not like it. So I am going to try and link all of our books to amazon, then people can see there ratings from other people. I am glad to know though that people are reading the list and enjoying it, thanks. So here is our latest list.....

133.) Everybody Brings Noodles by Norah Dooley
134.) Firefighters to the Rescue by Kersten Hamilton
135.) Pumpkin Cat by Ann Turner
136.) The Firebird by Jane Yolen
137.) Backbeard and the Birthday Suit by Matthew McElligot
138.) Lets Go Camping With Mr. Sillypants by M. K. Brown
139.) My Real Family by Emily McCully
140.) Naming The Animals by Gardner McFall
141.) Mrs. McCool and the Giant Cuhullin by Jessica Souhami
142.) Thundercake by Patricia Polacco
143.) The Man with Bad Manners by Idries Shah
144.) The Frog Princess retold by Eric A Kimmel
145.) Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
146.) Railroad John and the Red Rock Run by Tony Crunk
147.) Big Men, Big Country by James Bernardin
148.) Firefighters in the Dark by Dashka Slater
149.) A is for Abigal by Lynne Cheney

So here is my list for this week. I have chosen Firebird as one of our books this week, even though it was on our list before. It is by a different author this time. I got it because Gabe loved the first one so we were comparing the two. I thought the first one was a little better as far as the pictures went, much more colorful and vibrant. The story was written a little better in the second one, more details. The boys have both been very interested in Backbeard, it was really cute. I hope that this list has been more helpful to everyone, Thanks again for reading.

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