Sunday, October 28, 2007

Inside the Nature Center---
We went to the Nature center again this weekend, This time I got to go. I have a bunch of pictures for all of you to look at. I love this nature center it has so much great things in it and it is FREE. A perfect family outing.

The first picture is in the fish tanks. I loved the colors on them. I am not a huge fan of Bugs but the one in the next picture is really cool. The boys wanted to show everyone just how big the Gator skull was by putting their heads next to it. They had lots of great other animals in the center to. They had a few different owls, which were so cute. Also some cute baby turtles and gators. The center also has lots of great interactive spots for the kids. They have magnifying stations with all sort of things to check out, snake skins to sand from beaches around the world. The picture of Sam walking on the foot prints is neat, he was learning how bees talk to each other through dance.


Kate in NJ said...

Free? Awesome!!

Amber said...

NEAT! I wish we had something like this near us!