Monday, October 08, 2007

A Trip to the Playground---

We took the boys over to the playground while we were visiting our grandmother's place this weekend. The boys had a great time on the swings. Gabe is so into the superheroes right now, that he wanted to swing on his belly. This way he could pretend that he was flying like superman. Sam has come a long way on his ability to swing. He has a mild case of SPD, This caused him to have fears on the swing. When he was on the swing he did not know where his body was. He was not grounded feeling and this scared him a lot. He know is actually starting to try and get going on the swing himself. So this is a really good thing.
Well they finished with the swings for know and decided to go over to the slides. My no fear child loved to hang off the bar and swing himself out over. Then he would drop and slide down.
Sam was even getting in on the sliding action.
My little ham, always clowning it up for the camera. "What should we do now?" Well we ended up heading over to the other side of the park so the kids could see the plane take off filled with sky divers. So it was a pretty fun trip to the park for the kids.

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