Monday, August 27, 2007

We spent this weekend doing major cleaning as a family. Some of you might not know that we actually live in a small 2 bedroom apartment. Since we do storage is in really high demand for us. We have to use every area to the best of our ability. Because of the lack of storage it makes it really hard to keep the place picked up and organized, so every so often we have to go through an do a major cleaning of the place to get it back together. I thought that I would show some pictures of our work because we actually set up some school stations. The first picture is of the Library books. We always have a huge amount at any given time. It makes it hard to keep the amount small because Sammy has his own library card and he loves books. So we made a spot for them to keep the library books.

This is a picture of the cooking and grocery station that we set up for them. It used to be set up in the corner and got blocke off with a lot of things so they did not get to play with it much. Now it is out in the open and they love it.
This is a picture of one half in the Living room. On the left side of the picture is the toy corner. It has the puppets and music station at the top. Next two down are the truck shelves. Then the bottom is their active station. You see the trampoline but there is balls and hopscotch games plus other things. If you move over to the bottom of the entertainment center there is the sensory station for the boys, and their video games (Learning ones only of course). Then next to that is the alphabet wall and an art table.
This picture is the other half of the living room. The wall has all of our books on it from regular reading books to our reference books. The cubbies are filled with the science station, math station, art supplies, and English station. The puzzles are way up at the top of the highest shelves only because we do not have a better place to put them. At the end of the shelving is the recyclables that we use for creating art.

While my DH and I spent the weekend working on the living room the boys worked on their room. You could not even see their floor. Well they did so good on it they decided that was where they wanted to play this morning. They actually let us sleep in a little this morning and this is what I woke up to find. So sweet when they play together.
So I hope you enjoyed the little tour into my world. Please come back and visit us soon.


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

You look like you have a an actual school setup. I like the set ups. It allows the kids to find things on their own and busy themselves.

Heather said...

I was trying to have it so that the kids can get their own thing out. It is actually working to. That is so great. We have a few binder books (articles ripped out of old magazines) that we put together and sammy pulled those out this morning and started reading them. It is so nice when you see all of your hard work come together and actually work.

Frankie said...

Looks great!

I love to see a bed full of stuffed animals. =)

Kate in NJ said...

It looks so happy...I want to come over and play! ;-)
I'll have to show my DH, he thinks we are the only ones who have "school stuff" taking over the house,lol.

reprehriestless warillever said...

It looks wonderful. I wish that I could be that organized!

Amber said...

WOW! You did such a good job at organizing in a small space! I keep thinking I need a bigger house to organize better. I can see now that isn't the case. I guess I need to get off my rump and just do it. Thanks for helping me see that!

Heather said...

Thanks everyone. We are having a lot of fun. Now the challenge is to see how long it stays this way. I think for awhile this time. I hope :)