Monday, August 13, 2007

I posted below about the lessons being outside. Well it was a really hot day out side so Gabe decided to cool of a bit and I was lucky enough to get photos, yeah!

It is just way to hot out here for me today!

Attack of the Sea monster!

Just Relaxing

How much can I fit in here!?!?!

This boy is so funny he keeps us laughing all the time.


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Gabe is so hilarious. What a great boy. I can definitely see Gabe thinking hmm, how can I fit in there. LOL Very funny picture

Heather said...

As I tell people he is my little Robin Williams in the making. He is so funny.

Kate in NJ said...

Gabe is so cute!!
He must be a joy every day to be around!

Heather said...

Yes he is Definatly "something" to be around LOL