Thursday, August 02, 2007

Our first day back.....

We started back with our school program today. Sammy was so excited to get back to work. Our theme for the whole school year is going to be World Geography, and this kid is a huge fan of learning everything he can about the world. We did a little bit of back to school shopping Last night. Target had some amazing things. I found a crayola activity pad all about the United States and Sammy loves it. He has been begging to let him do all of it. He is coloring his first picture of it, Alaska, and loving it. Look at the concentration. This was his favorite assigment of today. Here is his finished product. He was so proud.

Of sourse not not t forget about our little Gabe. He was also doing some coloring of Alaska. I printed of a coloring sheet from coloring castle He was more into coloring as fast as he could. Here is a picture of him having fun coloring.

He did not want to pose with his finished product. I did take a picture of the final one tho.

So we finished our day with a strong focus on Alaska. Tommorow we are going to focus on Hawaii. So please make sure that you check back on our fun. There may even be a Hula in the boys future.

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Kate in NJ said...

LOL, I just showed that book to my sister in Target today and said
"she wants this for her birthday" tell whomever asks!