Friday, August 10, 2007

We bought some really great block for the boys the other day. It is called Kapla blocks These are really great blocks. It comes with a hard cover book with different designs in it to do. The blocks are meant for ages 3 and up but my husband and I are having a blast with them to. This was sammy's first build with them.
Now it is time for destruction crew Gabe! Let the fun begin! (Sammy was fine with him knocking it over as long as I got the picture first. )
The best wrecking crew around! LOL


Kate in NJ said...

I have seen these somewhere..maybe Target? They looked like fun..great pics!

Heather said...

Yeah we got this at Target. They were marked done on clearence. About 30 down to 8, so a very good deal

Kate in NJ said...

Way cool! I'm going to try to hit mine today and see if they are still there..and hopefully marked down!