Sunday, August 05, 2007

For our new school year we have decided to change up our school schedule a little bit. Instead of "going to school" monday thru friday, we are going thursday thru monday. This is so my days during the week it is a little less crazy for me and also on the weekend my husband can participate more on the schooling. This weekend the boys had a ton of fun. Our friend told us about the open house at the gym where she teaches gymnastics, so perfect gym class covered. Here are some pictures of the fun.
LiMei and Gabe having a good time on the rope swing!

LiMei and Sammy having a swing!

Way to go Sammy!
Gabe having a run down the Tumble track.
Gabe getting some help with the rings.
His big brother Sammy showing him how to do it.
After we finished up with the gym we took the boys out for lunch at Friendly's. They got to choose their own Ice Cream after they finished and that was a lot of fun. Here is some shots of all my boys and their ice cream.

Finally we wrapped out the day with a game of bowling. This was a favorite of Sammy's, even though we turned it into his math class. Here are a few pictures from the bowling alley.
Daddy getting the game underway.
Is it going to be a strike?
Here are our bowling balls. S-Whats the score? G-Can I please put this down now?
I felt that this picture was way to cute. Daddy was trying to help Gabe with the bowling.
By the end Gabe had enough. He felt that the place was getting way to loud. So he decided to wear his brothers sandles on his ears.


Kate in NJ said...

I can so relate to the last pic,I often want to put shoes (or something)over my ears after bowling for a while!
It gets sooo noisy!

Anonymous said...

Thursday through Monday is brilliant. I am having a really tough time with the baby and homeschooling has gone on the back burner. It hadn't occurred to me that we might hs on Saturday and Sunday when my dh can take care of Si and even participate. Thank you so much for posting this.

Your little guys look like they had a great day. Ice cream makes life so wonderful!

Heather said...

Thanks but I can not take credit for the idea. It was my husbands idea, but of course I jumped on the idea. He was trying to ease my load a little and praticipate more.