Monday, August 20, 2007

A New Book Entry--
Well I have a few new books to share with everyone.
First I wanted to share one that would go along with the theme of the last entry. It is called "Wake Up World". This book follows 8 children from around the world in their daily lives.
A book that is really cute is about a dog detective that is on "The Search for the Perfect Child". The book is written by Jan Fearnley. He talks about all of the different qualities that the perfect kid would have in such a fun way. One that is also great is "Clarence the Copy Cat" by Paticia Lakin. Clarence is a cat that does not want to hurt any mice. This causes him to have some troubles in life until a kind librarian takes him in. A mouse shows up at the library, does that mean that start of some new trouble for Clarence? A book that Sammy picked out was "King Puck inspired by an Irish Festival" by Michael Garland. The book is about a man that lives alone in the hills of Ireland. He has no one to talk to except his Goat. There was fairies that lived near by a felt bad for him. They gave his goat the ability to talk and made sure to get him entered in the the King Puck festival. If he wins that he gets to be the one king for a day. Did I mention it is the goat that gets to be King. Really a sweet book about friendship. I noticed that on some of the other blogs that I read some people have mentioned of doing a space unit for the kids. A book that talks about the earth and it rotations, around the sun and daily, is called "On Earth" by G. Brian Karas. It is a really sweet and simple book. A different Kind of alphabet book is "A is for Zebra" by Mark Schulman. This book is fun because instead of having all the words start with the individual letter, they actually end with it. The final book that I want to talk about is "All in just One Cookie"by Susan E. Goodman. This book is probaly my favorite. It is a good one for any parent that loves cooking with their child and the child ask lots of questions. It takes the Chocolate Chip Cookie and breaks down all of the ingredients to hw they got the way that they are. For example it takes you step by step on how you get that butter, starting wtih the cow eating his grass. She does the process for all of the ingredients. Then at the end she adds in a recipe to make them. I hope that everyone ejoys this list.


Kate in NJ said...

Oh, we loved "All in one cookie" too!
Except it was hot, and P wanted to!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

great book list.